10 Best Coffee Grinders For French Press Reviews in 2022

Coffee Grinders For French Press


When it comes to making good French press coffee, you cannot blindly trust on best quality coffee beans only where the best coffee grinders for French press play an important role to serve full-bodied coffee. There is a thumb of the rule to make French press as you can grind beans for shortly as this won’t lose its unique flavor which actually you’re hunting.

A great cup of coffee can make your day when you have the right coffee maker. But available all the coffee grinders are not efficient so find an efficient one with the different grinding settings, low sound operation, manual or electric-powered source, durable construction with stainless steel exterior or grinding parts, capacity, easy and safe operation design.

We know it would no0t be very easy to reach the exact brand and model on which you can invest your money. But not to worry, we will guide you with well-researched top-listed best coffee grinders for the French press without wasting time and patience.

– Our Top Picks –

A reliable list of the best coffee grinders for the French press can make your purchase worthy. To prove these recommendations, we have spent a long time putting tiger all the highlighting features, size, capacity, high-end construction, dependable customer rating, and affordable price point. When the fundamental step of crating flavorful French press is perfectly brewed of coffee beans, choose from the given list which won’t go you in any wrong direction on this way.

1. Mueller French Press Double Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Mueller French Press Coffee Maker

Key features

  • Cool touch handle
  • Double wall insulation
  • Able to coffee hot more than 60 mins
  • Comes with matching travel canister
  • A wide range of applications
  • Have limited lifetime warranty service

To start with Mueller Austria for best coffee grinders for French press top list, we wanted to introduce you higher-rated up to 2.6K items on Amazon. Like other customers, you will be satisfied with European engineered with a lifetime warranty to make worth of your purchase. For all the coffee or tea lovers, this is designed with compact and beautiful as you don’t compromise your drinking habit anyhow. While the huge capacity and dishwasher-safe features make it user-friendly for any situation.

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Being multifunctional this is great for making tea, hot chocolate, cold brew, frothed/cashew/almond milk fruit infusion, plant/herbal drink besides MCT oil coffee and French press coffee. Without ruin ingredient flavors and aromas, this could be dependable for these personalized drinks. In the package, you will get two bonus stainless steel screens and a matching container which offers lots of possibilities to carry this for weddings, holidays,s and more.

The manufacturer designed each of the products to be trusted by their customer. These have 4 layers of stainless steel filters to taste your better coffee with this machine. Furthermore, the 310 stainless steel double wall, could keep your coffee hot for up to 60 minutes to provide your fresh coffee every time. Unlike the glass-made or thinner steel-made coffee grinders for the French press, this one is more long-lasting and durable with rust and drop-proof.

Why we picked it

  • 4  layers stainless steel filters
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Drop proof and rustproof
  • 310 stainless steel construction

2. SHARDOR Coffee Grinder Electric

SHARDOR Coffee Grinder Electric

Key features

  • Detachable cups are dishwasher friendly
  • Multiple uses
  • Manual control design
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel blades
  • Safe operation with locked bowl
  • Non-slip rubber feet base

The SHARDOR designs electric coffee grinder machines that have a bestseller position on people’s most trusted online shops. The gorgeous modern look of the unit will be an attractive addition to your kitchen and won’t miss anyone at first glance. We do not trust the profile only and read the details which proven this as a must-have machine in your kitchen. The grinder has a 70g capacity to grind a good number of coffee, spices, and herbs. For coarse and fine both types of coffee beans you can use this which won’t take more than 8-10 seconds.

From the appearance of the machine, you will get how compact and sleek looking this is. Yet this has very powerful motor incorporation which works with 200W to create 21000 rpm circling to grind your coffee beans or spices turning them into fine or power efficiently. To get delicious coffee you do not need to do lots of things, rather simply press the lid for different duration of seconds as you want to grind them. You will feel safer at the time of operation while this has a bowl and lid-locked design when it places rightly. And the unit’s non-slip rubber feet keep the grinder very stable even in a great heat dissipation media.

It has a manual control grind size to offer you the most convinced grinding per your preference. Along with the transparent lid, you can view the grind size easily. For long-lasting and dependable grinding performance, this has stainless steel blade mechanism which goes even after the backed 2 years warranty duration. The removal grinding bowls make it hassle-free and safe to clean them easily. As a bonus, you will get a 2 in 1 brush and spoon, measure the coffee rightly as you need. So, to ensure a surprising coffee grinding experience, you should purchase this right now.

Why we picked it

  • Simple to operate
  • Compact yet have large capacity
  • Equipped powerful motor for rapid grinding
  • Works with both fine and coarse beans

3. OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

OXO Brew Coffee Grinder

Key features

  • Offers 15 grinding setting
  • Can hold 110 grams
  • One touch start
  • UV blocking tint
  • Sleek and elegant appearance
  • Grinding efficiently

Every coffee enthusiast has researched the OXO Brew Conical Burr coffee grinder with a mess-free large capacity hopper to keep the countertop clean. And the UV blocking hopper will serve a fresh and genuine taste of coffee. The hopper can hold 0.75 pounds of coffee beans and the ground container up to 110 grams which can make 12 cups of coffee for your family’s day-long refreshing drinks. The heavy-duty 40 mm stainless steel conical burrs help constant coffee grinding to bring the optimal flavor.

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Being a practical design, this has a one-touch start with various timer settings. In this setting, time keeps your last setting, depending on your preference you can set to grind. To make sure your personalized grinding, this has 15 settings with precise grind size while fine for espresso and coarse for French press. With the quality materials’ construction, this won’t disappoint you even with the unbeatable reasonable price. To meet the price of this grinder, it is really fantastic.

This grinder has aesthetic pleasing which easily is the center to your kitchen decoration in a different style. Like another grinder, this won’t make a loud sound rather than an available model to disturb your husband’s sleeping time. Fine, medium, or coarse grinding you can depend on this grinder. Overall compact size and modern design with plastic housing won’t make it heavy to carry this for different needs. The freshest flavor of the coffee won’t regret you purchasing this at all.

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Why we picked it

  • Very easy to clean
  • Stainless steel conical burrs
  • Cheap price tag
  • Made with quality materials

4. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

JavaPresse Bean Grinder

Key features

  • Reliable construction for durability
  • Larger hopper capacity
  • Grind consistently
  • Very quiet operation
  • Easy operation
  • Designed with  patented professional grade ceramic conical burrs

Lighter roasted coffee beans are perfect for the French press and to keep this thought in mind JavaPresse designed their manual coffee grinder with adjustable settings. Among these 18 manual grinding settings, you can choose multiple settings individually Aeropress, drip coffee, espresso beside French press. With superior control capacity on the coarseness of the beans, it could be more precise for the perfect making of coffee. Be carefree for a power source to enjoy great coffee. 

This manual coffee grinder works with a patented professional-grade ceramic conical burr which is tested through three quality inspections to ensure excellent consistent grinding results to make every kind of brew with an authentic taste of coffee. These are 5 times more durable than other stainless steel burrs for high price tagged coffee makers. This unit is crafted from high-quality traditional Japanese cookware for long-term uses without any damage.

And the overall dimensions of the compact coffee grinder make it very portable. The convenience of such a small unit is unlimited when you can want to carry them for any outdoor activity like camping, traveling, and more. The operation of the coffee maker is very silence than the electrical model. So grinder coffee anywhere and anytime when you want to have it with the removal hand crank mechanism. Backing with manufacturer warranty service 100% money-back warranty to make any customer with their products.

Why we picked it

  • Has very good customer service
  • Aesthetically pleasing with build in window
  • Made from traditional Japanese cookware
  • Good value for money

5. Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Electric Coffee Grinder

Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Grinder

Key features

  • Resealable dustproof lids
  • With professional grade conical burr
  • Equipped with powerful motor
  • Blue light complication indicator
  • Featured with safety lock
  • Fashionable stainless steel appearance

Approximately, the Mr. Coffee Grinder has been designed with high-quality materials and safety features side by side to make this unit safe for your family’s security. It has FDA and ETL certification which gets after facing lots of security tests. While the safety lock design won’t occur any mishap when you are not completely ready to start the grinding. Enjoy the most convenience of blue light complication indicator for your machine updated awareness.

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French press Coffee begins with exactly grinding and this has stainless steel conical burrs to offer various tastes of coffee with (coarse, medium, fine, and extra-fine)  grinding types of the French press, coffee dipper, espresso /Moka pot, and Turkish coffee maker through the single appliance. There are 19 precise grinds setting to taste the natural flavor of coffee with the customized grinding texture of coffee beans. The conical coffee burr

This grinder has 1-12 cups of the adjustable grinding amount per your need. From where you can easily choose up to your demand. To keep the coffee beans powder longer fresh, this has resealable dustproof lids. The operation of the unit is very simple with a control dial, button, and rotation knob without any mistakes. The stainless steel grinder body and place combination will go in any kitchen decor for years. You will get 2in 1 spoon brush to serve and clean the unit.

Why we picked it

  • Certified by FDA and ETL
  • Ease to store and use 
  • Offers 19 precise grinding setting
  • Adjustable grinding amount

6. Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker

Coffee Gator Coffee Maker

Most interestingly, the Coffee Gator french coffee maker comes with three beautiful finishes including orange, gray, and silver to offer you the best matching color for your kitchen. The unique and level design of the coffee maker has a simple and gorgeous appearance. It is designed with a cool-touch handle to ensure safe access in your carelessness. A single batch of grinding can serve 4 cups of coffee with a large capacity.

It is made with thicker stainless steel which can keep your coffee warm 60 mins longer than any glass-made coffee presses. For consistent grinding results, this has a dual filter screen to make a rich and full-bodied brew cup of coffee feel fresh instantly. This has insulated construction which is durable and tough. For your daily multiple uses, this is ideal because it won’t dust or damage for years of use.

The operation of this grinder is not hard for perfect French press coffee when you need to follow only 4 steps-pour 50g coffee on the unit, add hot water,9 mins of spooning and push the plunge to taste genuine coffee within 10 mins. Because of the compact and sleek model, you can carry this anywhere for camping and office to provide personalized drinks. This comes with a mini canister to store the coffee beans or powder for next use.

Why we picked it

  • Durable and rustproof
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy operation

7. Baratza Sette 270 Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza Sette 270 Coffee Grinder

Key features

  • Suitable for grinding up to 12 cups at once
  • Removal parts for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable numbers of cups
  • Silently operate
  • Non-slip feet for higher stability
  • Stainless steel burr

To offer fresh ground coffee, Baratza electric coffee grinder has 18 grinding sizes setting to meet your different needs through a coarse, medium, and fine for variable types of coffee-french press/percolator, drip coffee or Espeross required coffee powder. With the safety lock design, it will prove secured accessibility as the coffee hopper is perfectly locked the coffee maker will start to work.

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Except for the grinding size setting, you can amount of coffee spill for a number of coffee mugs from 1to 12. It is designed with a single button which makes this easy operation for any member of your family. And the cleaning of the unit is very breeze when this pact with a cleaning brush to remove the coffee powder from the accessories after grinding.

Along with stainless steel burr, this can ensure uniform coffee grinding, which is essential for bringing natural aroma and flavor to your coffee.

Balanced extraction will robust the coffee taste, while the compact and simple square design appearance will be great for any kitchen decor. Crystal plastic hopper and coffee powder holder provide an elegant look of the unit which looks aesthetic over your countertop. As a reliable and straightforward cooking unit, this could satisfy any coffee love with its functionality. It has non-slip feet which offer stability when you are grinding to keep this over the countertop.

Why we picked it

  • Great price value 
  • Easy to use 
  • Simple and good-looking design
  • Precise and accurate grinding

8. Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder

Khaw-Fee HG1B Coffee Grinder

Key features

  • Grinds perfectly and quickly
  • Neat and powerful grinder
  • Countless adjustment for grinding
  • Steady removal of silicon base
  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Eye catchy acrylic design

If you want to pick a manual coffee grinder that has classical touch, consider the Khaw Fee coffee grinder. As an early morning companion to make perfect coffee every time, this is a must-have item for your kitchen. The classical glow of the unit impresses any visitor of your kitchen whether you have picked modern or other styles for your place. This comes with a lifetime warranty to feel you more secure to use this for every day’s need. Being manual type you don’t need to arrange electric power or battery support which offers convenience to use this anywhere.

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Within this, you will have a wide choice of coffee grinding sizes depending on your need with the handheld design. To adjust the different grinding level for Turkish coffee to cold brew as you liked to have at that moment.No one love the coffee grinding sound which makes the electric one yet this produce less than 90% sound to grind coffee as your colleague in office, a company in camping or partner in your home feel disturb when they are sleeping, studying or other activities.

This coffee grinder has high-quality ceramic conical to ensure evenly grinding every time creating flavorful coffee. To impress you with this multi-functionality such as favorite spices or pepper grinding, this could be a dependable one for you in any situation.

This unit is designed with a handy rubber top to keep the coffee beans to prevent slippage at the time of grinding. And the removal part and silicon base make the cleaning process easy and time-saving.

Why we picked it

  • Elegant and reliable
  • Ideal for various coffee serve
  • Works on spices efficiently
  • Covered with lifetime warranty

9. Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Key features

  • Adaptor included
  • Attached flexible aluminum plate
  • Good-looking machine
  • Available 3 colors choices
  • UV rays protected 
  • Produce less noise

When using convenience and durability mingled in one appliance which makes a coffee grinder reliable. You will get this user-friendly feature in  ENZOO electric coffee beans grinder. The upgraded conical burr is made from high-quality stainless steel material to offer unbeatable hardness for uniform grinding without producing lots of heat to ruin the taste of coffee. For a personalized unique flavor of coffee, this allows 40 grinds setting with a micro setting to be appropriate for espresso to drip coffee’s requirements.

It has a large capacity to hold up to 8.5 oz beans in the coffee bean hopper, which could be enough for 14 cups of serving. For any gathering, this could be dependable even with a single batch. As you can drink fresh coffee for a long time, this offers you UV rays-protected bean. The manufacturer picked a thoughtful design for this including an adaptor as this machine can grind beans directly into the portafilter to offer limitless possibilities. On the contrary, the flexible aluminum plate can be fixed with the grinding chamber to prevent slippage at the time of grinding.

There are three attractive colors is available for this unit such as black, bright red, and brown to match the rest of the kitchen decor. This conical burr coffee machine has high torque and 450 rpm low-speed motor which won’t produce lots of noise like another electrical grinder without affecting excellent performance. After using this comes a cleaning episode and this comes with a cleaning brush to make the task easier. And the detachable design allows safe maintenance of this handy kitchen appliance.

Why we picked it

  • Stainless steel conical burr
  • Easy to clean with detachable design
  • Accommodate 8.5 oz coffee beans
  • Offers 40 grinding setting

10. Manual Coffee Grinder Stainless Steel

Manual Coffee Grinder Steel

Key features

  • Grinds faster and evenly
  • High quality materials made
  • Semi triangle shaped for easy grab
  • Very light and easy to store
  • Partial visual base
  • Simple to use and clean

And manual coffee grinder is our last recommendation for the best coffee grinders for the French press which is designed with upgraded ceramic grind burr for evenly grinding in which difficult to generate frictional heat to lose the aroma and flavor of authentic coffee. You can depend on this for antibacterial and non-toxic construction, those can be threatened for your good health. The triangle stapled body provides easy and higher stability for different situation uses.

This has a lock system to keep the operation accurate without any mess or unit damage. Because of their hand grinding system, it won’t be very loud to disturb others when you are grinding. Being a slender design it is buying lightweight and portable to carry this anywhere traveling, camping, and office to keep you fresh with your favorite coffee. Even the foldable crank allows a more compact size to be a companion for any outdoor backpacks. To clean this efficiently this comes with a cleaning brush to make your unit long-lasting.

The upgraded foldable crank design, which can save up to 20% effort as the long crank could apply sufficient force constantly for easy and faster grinding. Built-in adjustable grind selector to offer coarse, medium, fine, and very fine to ensure all the grinding types for various coffee. With the visual base, you can preview the right grinding setting depending on your coffee types-french press, cold brew, drip grind, and others. Noe rich and authentic coffee,   pretty easy and time-saving  

Why we picked it

  • Perfectly designed for travelling or camping
  • Infinite grinding selectors
  • Ultra quit operation
  • Ceramic updated burr

Buying Guide of best coffee grinders for French press

Nothing can be important to find the best coffee grinders for the French press to make your morning more joyful when you do not want to miss the taste of perfectly made a cup of coffee keeping the ingredients flavor the same. For individual preferences’ manufacturer designed them with various sizes, designs, and advanced features. Best French press coffee mostly depends on the maker. So consider these factors before investing money in any grinders.

Consistent grinding result

It is the most important considering factor for any coffee grinder. To ensure the accuracy of grinding, you should pick the right kind of bean grinder. In these needs, you will get two basic types of unit a burr grinder and a blade grinder. Between this burr grinder are more dependable for excellent result of grinding. On the contrary, blade grinding is less cost than the burr types. The difference between them makes teeth pattern and organization. For the French press, you will need a burr grinder from which you can expect perfect grind size.


Burr French press coffee grinder comes with ceramic and stainless steel components which are long-lasting and durable with their long-termed uses. A good number of coffee grinder users claim that ceramic grinder is more efficient to retain the authentic aroma and coffee taste even after grinding. Usually, these are not lost frequently, They are more durable than stainless steel made for less heat creation, yet safe materials made as BPA and chemical-free. Yet, the manufacturer chooses high-quality stainless steel to update the grinder which won’t rust or corrosion. These are less costly and come in various designs, sizes, and prices.

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Manual or electric

You cannot move toward your purchasing decision of coffee grinders for French press until you select the manual or electric-powered one. Manual grinder which comes with a hand crank which is more convenient to use, cheap in price very easy to carry. For noise-free and mess-free operation, this is recommended for anyone. But when you want to grind coffee beans with minimal effort, an electrical coffee grinder is pretty simple where you need to set grinding size and press one button to do all thing perfectly. In this case, louder operation and high-end operation. 

Number of  settings

To make your coffee flavorful, you should choose a grinding that can allow lots of possibilities. Whether you have electrical or manual, you should check out this quality. Depending on your mood and your friend or family’s individual presence, you can brew different coffee. To get the right consistency, this feature is essential when you really won’t taste perfect French press or Espresso coffee at your home like famous and costly coffee shops. 

Hopper capacity

How many cups of coffee do you grind at a once, and this relates to hopper capacity. When you want to grind a good amount of power to offer drinks for 2-15 people at a once, you should consider the size of the hopper. But the missing is making single or twice coffee you can purchase small, slim and compact type cylinder type unit to hold, use, carry and maintain. French press coffee grinder needs perfect coffee, you should depend on both sizes to make perfect coffee up to your need.  

Size of grinder 

If you are living in a small apartment and your kitchen does have not enough space for bulkier coffee makes. You can consider manual cylinder type. Besides, this electric coffee grinder takes a good amount of space on your countertop. Though some electric grinder is really compact but not like the manual one. Several of them have a clock and anti-clock working pattern or foldable design to make this easy to carry.

Cleaning and maintenance

As a handy item for everyday use, the coffee grinder needs frequent cleaning after every use. And to get rid of the hassle-free cleaning, you should be pretty sure of the cleaning process. Most of this unit is designed with an easy cleaning process with removal parts. Even to make the cleaning simpler, this comes with dishwasher-safe parts and a cleaning brush. 


A decent coffee grinder won’t need a large amount of cost, rather you can buy a quality product at a reasonable price. Manufacturer of the different model adds different features to make the unit accurate and dependable, which also make a good price for these. A professional-grade manual coffee grinder has a 15-20 dollars range and 30-40 dollars.


Of course, you will not be interested to spend money on such products which have a single purpose. A coffee grinder for the French press is the primary goal, but it can be functional for all the various types of coffee bean grinding. Your coffee grinder should be efficient for coarse to fine to ultra-fine as you want to brew. Some of them are great with spices.

Frequently Asked Questions for best coffee grinders for French press

You might have enough to learn about different coffee grinders but in this session, we will give information for the best coffee grinders for the French press which help you to use and maintain. We put together here questions from manual and electric, both popular types as you can find your problem solution before purchasing a new one or an existing one in your kitchen. Let’s get a good idea with a precise and short answer, which are given below:

Which type of coffee bean grinding is right for French press?

According to the original taste and aroma of the French press, coarse and evenly grinding size is perfect to fulfill the demand of coffee lovers. With medium grind size you will get coffee with a good amount of sediment with can make your drink fewer flavors. Yet most French press lovers keep the grinding between coarse and medium to ensure a strong and rich flavorful cup of coffee.

Why Burr grinder is better than blade grinder for coffee?

We have already said details about this thing. When it comes to the French press, you should always pick Burr grinders which can deliver evenly ground coffee with the specialized teeth design. Furthermore, it has a more reliable control capacity of precision and accurate grinding for fine, medium, and coarse. Because of uneven grinding, you will get substantial sediment which can ruin the entire taste of expected delicious coffee.

Long time grinding can affect the taste of coffee?

Conventionally, if you’re grinding the coffee beans recently before a few hours or currently, this will offer the best coffee with authentic taste and aroma. So we suggest you not use very past ground beans for your coffee. Within 20 mins of grinding, then offer the most genuine flavor in your brew. If you want to grind than night for next day use it won’t be intellectual idea must say. 

Which is good for French press -flat or conical burr?

Of course, conical burrs are good for the French press. There are several reasons behind saying this. This design of grinding mechanism won’t heat easily which in the long rung pronged the unit performance and jeep the coffee taste authentic as you love to drink. Another reason is this type of burr can be grinding evenly and faster. Though some people argue that flat burrs offer more consistent grounding results, research shows that most people have to lean for conical burrs.

Why you need a coffee grinder for French press?

To be satisfied with a cup of coffee grinders for French press actually not easy if you are not grinding the beans before brewing. Making sure about coffee’s natural oil to your mug you need to ground the beans between coarse and medium grind size which we consider the most perfect coffee flavor for  French press coffee. Yet this taste is essential and simple which out reviewed coffee grinders for amazing taste at every time.


We presented here the 10 best coffee grinders for the French press to write a review to help you effectively to find the very best choice which is available in the market. We put together here manual and electrical, both types of which are excellent on this task, even in the maximum budget. In this writing, we picked the most popular brands model such as JavaPress, Muller Astral, OXO Grip, Slaby, and others which are the most popular name to introduce the best coffee grinders for the French press.

To further help you we attached customer rating FAQs and an experienced-made buying guide for coffee grinders for the French press which won’t make your overwhelming to reach the right decision and go for comparison with other options.

So, till now, have you conferred about the best coffee grinders for the French press? I hope, you are not after reading this writing. Yeah, don’t forget to write us about your new purchase.

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