10 Best Commercial Deep Fryer For Chicken Reviews in 2022

Best Commercial Deep Fryer


It is time to find a more powerful cooking unit for your kitchen. To fry a large group or good size of chicken, fish, potatoes, or another item, the best commercial deep fryer is a must-have cooking appliance for your kitchen. Yet, an electric commercial deep fryer could be pricey but without this, you can’t meet the messy situation when you want to do the same task with another cheap and small-size deep fryer replacement.

Our recommendation for this item has some helpful features which will experience frying is a time-saving and hassle-free task more than you can imagine. Some of these have timer settings and auto shut down to prevent your food from being overcooked or damaged to your deep fryer. A cooking machine such as a commercial deep fryer should have sturdy construction with stainless steel to go years without any repairing.

At the time of bringing perfect fried food taste, you cannot depend on only any kind of deep fryer rather than the best commercial deep fryer for chicken. In this writing, we will discuss different choices of this item to help you find the perfect one to offer you hygiene and delicious fried foods every time.

Our Top Picks

An electrical commercial deep fryer is a cooking appliance which getting popular among Americans when these people love to eat fried food. Among them, fried chicken, fish, onion rings, and French fries are very common. In this time haven, a commercial deep fryer for your kitchen will save lots of costs to buy these foods from the outside shop which could be most unhealthy. Even for your small café or restaurant, this could be the most important investment. So dive in our well-researched top picks to have the accurate piece at this moment.

1. Hamilton Beach Professional Grade Electric Deep Fryer

Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer

Key features

  • Decent safety features
  • Easy to put together
  • Simple to use and clean
  • Comes with an extra larger basket
  • Professional like performance
  • Convenient viewing window

With Hamilton Beach Professional Grade Electric deep fryer, we are starting our best commercial deep fryer for chicken which has a 2.5k customer rating on Amazon to make you satisfy. This has stainless steel construction to go a couple of years without any frequently repairing costs. This comes with a larger chrome plated basket which has a 3-quart food capacity.

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It will be more enjoyable when you will eat restaurant-style deep-fried food from your home kitchen. It has powerful 1800 watts immersed heating element which will take only 1 minute or less to serve evenly cooked delicious and crispy foods. Furthermore, this unit is designed with adjustable temperature dial control with a 265 °F- 375 °F range to allow personalized fried choices for different food items. To make you carefree about your cooking status, this has ready lights and a view window on the lid.

This professional-style deep fryer has 9 cups of oil capacity to cook a large batch of fried food like 12 cups. As for safety features, this has a breakaway cord that can prevent the fryer from tipping over if the cord got snagged. The view window helps to avoid splatters. Finally, cleaning this unit is very simple when this comes to the removal of parts and an enamel-coated oil tank. Yet, the lid and basket are dishwashers safe to make the cleaning process blissful. While this has a mess-free draining system.

Why we picked it

  • Adjustable temperature
  • Designed with power and ready lights
  • Featured with immersed heating elements
  • Cooks faster and evenly

2. Clevr Two 11 Liter Basins Capacity Steel Deep Fryer

Clevr Two 11 Liter Deep Fryer

Key features

  • Included two baskets 
  • Basin covers keep clean and hygienic
  • Removal bins help to clean easily
  • Comes with double 11 L basins
  • Great food cook food for up to 100 people
  • Have two different lights for power and oil heat

Flawless cooking result of Clevr two 11Lr basic capacity commercial stainless steel deep fryer machine or PartyHut deep fryer will be satisfying for any business place or home kitchen for large family food prep. This needs high power as 3400W while 1700W for each side to heat the oil up to 374 degrees F which can fry a large amount of food than the most popular countertop commercial-style deep fryer.

The convenience of having dual 11-liter basins to cook different types of food at once helps to complete the food prep for your small restaurant and home needs. Even you can cook various styles of fried items in the tank which has to need the same temperature to cook them perfectly. This comes with a separate power plug for each tank to offer you the different temperatures for separate plugs depending on your needs. You should manage 2 separate outlets if you want to use the full power of wattage amount.

This unit featured auto-shutoff which ensures superior safety from overheats. With the two-color light orange and green lights for power and oil heating light to make the cooking in advantage level. With this, you can cook up to 100 people’s food in a single batch faster and evenly with the larger-sized basins. It comes with included baskets with well-made handles to cook fried foods securely.

Why we picked it

  • Cooks foods in each basin at a separate temperature
  • Featured with auto shuts off design
  • Temperature can be adjusted
  • Compact, sleek and modern design

3. WeChef Large Commercial Deep Fryer 5000W

WeChef Large Commercial Deep Fryer

Key features

  • Perfect for home or commercial uses
  • Food grade stainless steel construction
  • Detachable tanks
  • Comes with user manual
  • Easy to clean
  • Long life span

WeChef designed the popular model with a powerful capacity of 5000W for 24 liters to make delicious chicken, egg rolls, dumplings, buffalo wings, and other deep-fried food items. With the thermostat you can ensure great temperature for various food from 140 degrees to 392 degrees F.To fit this small space perfectly, this has 56 x 43.5 x 29.4 cm dimensions meeting your needs.

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To offer rightly fried food evenly and quickly while this comes with the heating pipe. In the package, you will get a dual stainless steel deep fryer,2 stainless steel baskets,2 stainless steel lid covers and 2 reside plates to allow long-lasting and durable construction of the unit. For hygienic food, this has food-grade parts. Each larger, convenient basket with a hook on has a plastic handle to ensure easy and safe operation with foods.

For your small restaurant, fast-food stand, snack bar, and home parties this will be adequate which comes with two separate power plugs for each tank. Putting together the unit is very simple with manual instruction. The cleaning process is effortless when this has removed the stainless tank. Metallic silver finish match any decoration whether it is the home kitchen or professional setting.

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Why we picked it

  • Dual electric heads power plugs
  • Larger oil capacity
  • Include Thermostat
  • Convenient to use

4. Secura 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Triple Basket Deep Fryer

Secura 1700-Watt Deep Fryer

Key features

  • Include two sizes basket for frying
  • Have an extra set of odor filters
  • Equipped with 1700W immersion heating element
  • Comes with a 4-liter removal oil rank
  • Ready light incorporation
  • Automatic timer setting and shut down

Commercial deep fryer by Secura won’t disappoint you for your invested money while this is designed with 4-liter stainless steel frying capacity for making fried chicken, french fries, donuts, and anything which you love to cook in your home kitchen with the professional flavor of your food. This is a home version authentic commercial deep fryer that is specially designed to offer you restaurant-like authentic food every time. And cool-touch parts of the unit provide safe operation of the lid and handle.

To give you personalized fried items, this has a thermostat of 375 degrees or more to meet different foods’ required temperatures. There is  a4 liter label marked inside the basket where you can put 2.5-liter oil maximum to cook food securely. As you can be safer cooking foods with the unit, this has 60 minutes timer and auto shut-off featuring. So no more worries you can lest your food and set the function to keep preparing to eat, yet the single bet remember you that the food is ready.

The 3 baskets(one Jambu and 2 side by side) will help to cook Finger Licking or fried chicken and others. Assembling and cleaning of the unit are very simple when this comes with the removal of oil rank and basket’s handle. These are dishwasher safe which takes only 1 minus to new like clean. The lid has window viewing to check the food condition to ensure the best flavor and texture of fried food. With the fully immersible heating to cook things rightly.

Why we picked it

  • Adjustable heat control 
  • Convenient viewing window on lid
  • Designed with anti-scalding material for cool touch
  • Dishwasher safe fry parts

5. OLYM STORE Electric Deep Fryer

OLYM STORE Electric Deep Fryer

Key features

  • Made of heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Designed with heating pipe for evenly cooking
  • Standard sizes of basket 
  • Detachable oil tank for easy cleaning
  • Fryer basket handle for safe operation 
  • Pack included residue plate

There is a U-shaped heating pipe In OLYM store electric deep fryer to distribute evenly heat, offering crispy and tasty fried food. With the one temperature control knob, you can set your chosen temperature from 140dergree to 392 degrees Fahrenheit for onion rings, fried chicken, french fries, egg rolls, panko shrimp, and more. When oil is perfectly hot for cooking, the indicator light lit up automatically to attack your attention.

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As the splashing of boil oil won’t make any injury to your hand and legs burn, this comes with a lid cover. Plus this lid also keeps the excess oil hygienic for next use. The basket has plastic basket handles to prevent scalding to your hands and finally ensure the safe and easy operation of the unit. This is designed with stainless steel thickened tank, lids, deep fryer, and residue plates to go daily years use with low maintenance.

With the 4 feet of the unit, you can place this easily over your countertop. The unit works with 5000W while 2500W for each compartment. This deep fryer has a 12 liter capacity with two individual tanks. To offer two different types of food at once, this has a dual electric head and power plugs.No matter, if you want to cook food with different temperatures separate temperature control knobs. To add to your kitchen task this has 2 hooks on the basket to hand the basket for dripping.

Why we picked it

  • Adequate safety features
  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for all types of fried food
  • Durable stainless steel construction

6. Secura Electric Deep Fryer 1800W-Watt

Secura Electric Deep Fryer

Key features

  • Durable stainless steel housing
  • 30 mins timer setting 
  • Variable temperature adjustability
  • Modern and compact design
  • Have indicator light and cool-touch handles
  • Included 2 sizes 3 baskets

For the best commercial deep fryer for chicken, we must recommend  Secura Electric Deep fryer with 1800W If you want to buy faster cooking. The professional-grade deep freer is designed with a 1800W immersion heating element that preheats and recovers oil temperature quicker to complete the cooking without wasting time on this process. For your grand dinner party or other celebration, you can get more batches of food in the least time.

As a heavy-duty deep fryer, this has adjustable heat control to cook the food evenly. Now setting different temperatures for the different fried items is very easy on the knob. Furthermore, this cooking machine is featured with 30 mins timer and shut down to keep your food well cooked, not more or less. This has a large capacity such as 4-liter oil for 500g friend food as 5 oz chips in a single batch. Because of the metal heating compartment, the stainless steel interior and exterior will go up to warranty 2 years.

Cooking with its kitchen appliance is easier with ready light. To ensure the utmost safer cooking experience, this lid prevents avoiding hot splatters. But there is a viewing window on the lid to monitor the food’s condition currently. To make the operation simple and safe, the basket includes hooks that can hold the basket with food for mess-free draining. Clean-up is more blissful with a dishwasher-friendly removal basket, oil tank, and lids.

Why we picked it

  • Dishwasher safe parts 
  • Backed with 2 years warranty
  • Cooks faster and evenly
  • Equipped with 1800W power

7. Professional-style Deep Fryer with Dual Baskets

Professional-style Deep Fryer

Key features

  • Double cylinder design
  • Removal of the enameled oil tank
  • Long-lasting stainless steel body
  • Convenient  basket handles
  • Safe and easy operation
  • Very low maintenance

If you prefer to have a compact and functional deep fryer for small business and home uses, you can consider Hopekings professional style deep fryer which has two 6 liter oil capacities to offer a family-size quantity of food within the last time. Each tank has individual power and temperature control as you can cook different food at the required temperature. The fryer basket is made from food graded stainless steel which won’t culminate your foods such as fish, chicken, donuts, onion rings, fritter, and more.

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Anything to cook with this unit has an S-shaped stainless steel heating tube and 1800 watt immersion element for each fryer tank to cook the turkey or kitchen evenly and faster. It won’t take much time to preheat or oil temperature recovery, which can make your cooking slow. There are two lights are available, one for power(green) and another for oil heating(red). Every basket has hooks to drain the extra oil from the fried food without any mess.

To ensure the best security of hand from hot oils this has an insulated cover handle that will complete the fry tasking without any unwanted accident. Each of the baskets has a plastic convenient handle that won’t hurt your hand even if you are busy making lots of fried foods for a great party. Dishwasher-safe stainless steel parts of the unit won’t require heavy cleaning tasks to maintain the unit after every use. The restaurant-like taste and texture of variable fried food are pretty easier when you have a 3600w, capacity deep fryer.

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Why we picked it

  • Insulated cover handle
  • S type heating element
  • Adjustable thermostat 
  • Power and heating indicator lights

8. COLIBYOU 5000W Commercial Deep Fryer

COLIBYOU 5000W Deep Fryer

Key features

  • Temperature adjustability
  • Dual tank with separate plugs
  • The lid can prevent oil splashing
  • Two tanks have 6 L capacity individually
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Handle incorporation basket

Durability is the most important consideration factor when you want to buy the best commercial deep fryer for chicken which will be used every day for small restaurants, food stands, snack bars or large family dinners, or holiday prep. You do not want to repair your deep fryer frequently when you have bought a cheaply made option. COLIBYOU won’t make you frustrated even after daily based a couple of years uses to making mouth-watering tasty fried chicken, Turkey, chips, egg rolls, shrimp, and more.

It is designed with a dual electric head and power plug to run the single unit while you can use the two different oil tanks for each of them is  6L. With a separate temperature control knob, you can set the temperature differently for two types of food which will save your time, and in the same batch, you will get a variety of food tastes. As you do not need to be confined in the kitchen all day when you are taking preparation for an evening party, this has U shaped stainless steel heating tube which can distribute heat evenly to complete the task fast and perfectly.

At the time of cooking to feel safe, this has a lid cover that prevents boil oil from splashing and keeps this hygienic for next uses. And the baskets are designed with a plastic handle to protect your hand from scalding and the indicator light reminds you when cooling oil is ready to go next level. The durable thickened tank can be removed to clean this conveniently. As a handy gift, this comes with two residue plates to rest your food after frying.

Why we picked it

  • Multifunctional heavy-duty cooking unit
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Durable design 
  • Perfect for home and commercial uses

9. WeChef Commercial Deep Fryer 24L 5000W

WeChef Deep Fryer

Key features

  • Automatic temperature control system
  • High powerful fryer with 5000W
  • Detachable stainless steel tank
  • Included a pair of gloves
  • The process of assembly is very simple
  • Cooks very well

The only thing that you can not ignore in your kitchen that a reliable cooking machine that can fry various food in a single oil tank when you are a lover of deep-fried foods such as fried chicken, French fries, onion rings, and more.WeChef designed this deep fryer with a larger oil tank, up to an inch for each oil tank. For you outside BBQ kitchen, snack stand, and small coffee shop this could be the very best addition to cooking foods in the shortest time with professional kitchen taste.

While you want a definite temperature for each tank to cook different types of food, this has an individual thermostat to control the temperature accurately for various food items. This comes with U design stainless steel heating tube to ensure faster oil heating to start cooking instantly. Yet the automatic temperature control keeps the preset temperature which helps to prevent overheating. In the packet, you will get a pair of gloves and reside plate to make the kitchen tasks much easier.

You will enjoy hassle-free cleaning when all the parts of this unit are made of stainless steel and the oil tank are detachable. Even the baskets are removed to make the cleaning process very easy. Well-made basket fractured with plastic handles to not hurt at the time of making lots of fried chicken, turkey, donuts, and egg rolls. The dual plug design offers more convenient and safe uses for this appliance. This has a separate lid cover when you want to control splashing boil oil from the oil tank.

Why we picked it

  • Larger tank capacity
  • Adequate safety features
  • Convenient to use and clean
  • Wide range of uses

10. Giantex 1700W Commercial Deep Fryer

Giantex 1700W Deep Fryer

Key features

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Indicator lights for using convenience
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Can fry large things perfectly 
  • Designed with immersion stainless steel heating element
  • Comes with residues plate to rest food

Finally, we have reached the very end of the best commercial deep fryer for chicken review, and Giantex is our last but not the least item which can be the next purchase from our top picks suggestion. This has a single cooking tank that can hold 6L. You can adjust the temperature from 60-190 degrees C which will be enough for high performance. This has multiple safety features such as basket handle design, stainless durable lid, indicator light and overheat protection.

As a dependable commercial deep fryer, this is designed with immersion-style stainless steel tubular elements to ensure excellent efficiency in cooking food in a short time without wasting time. The body of the unit is made with stainless steel after years of use. The countertop fryer is designed with non-slip feet for secure operation over the tabletop.

Most interestingly, this unit comes with a reset protecting button for overhearing as you feel safer with this fryer.

With the heat-resistant handle, you can access them in safely. And the stainless steel lid cover will prevent oil splashing when you are frying your favorite foods. You can view the power, oil heating sign, and temperature control knob through the clean instructed control panel. For your low-level kitchen or outdoor BBQ kitchen, this can cook chicken or turkey 13 x 15 x 11.5 inches. This comes with a removal basket and oil tank which helps to clean the unit.

Why we picked it

  • Ideal for various frying delicious food
  • Suitable for both home and commercial uses
  • Safe and dependable
  • Have decent safety features

Buying Guide of the best commercial deep fryer for chicken

Without knowing several factors you cannot the right commercial deep fryer for chicken which is designed for large amounts of oil heating to cook deep-fried foods chicken/turkey and the endless possibility for favorite foods. Whether it is daily snack store needs or regular kitchen demand. There are various features to impress you for your busy kitchen to ensure safe operation. Long-lasting and efficient performance needs high-quality structure and power. So check all of them intelligently for making the worth of the price.

Types of the deep fryer

In this section we do not mass with a lot of things function, design, and more, rather positing a type of commercial deep fryer. There are floor-based fryers and countertop fryers available in the market. Countertop designs are exactly what you need in a small modern kitchen for a large batch of food making for home or commercial purposes. On the contrary, a floor fryer is a more durable and space consumer, yet these are a steady and more durable stream of food. 

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Depending on heavy duty and light duty, each commercial deep fryer comes with stainless steel construction. If you want to choose this for home use, you can choose a light-duty commercial type but a heavy-duty one for low profile kitchen to make delicious food a couple of years even after regular use. If you do not want to cost your money on frequent repair of commercial deep fryers you should buy the best quality product with a high-end budget.


When you want to purchase a commercial deep fryer, you should consider two different aspects of sizes. One of them is the overall dimension of a unit and the other is the oil tank of the deep fryer. For the physical dimension, you can choose then 15-90 inch wide options and 4-40 liter for the oil tank. To Consider your need and kitchen accommodation, you can pick them. We suggest you purchase a compact one for your kitchen. And heavy-duty larger ones for restaurants or food trucks. On the contrary, for your outdoor kitchen then select a larger one if your kitchen has enough space.


These cooking machines are designed with an easy controlling system. You will get a knob for temperature setting. Some of these have timer and auto shut-off systems with another knob to make the unit use easier. Incorporation of light for power and oil accurate temperature while you can’t go any mess with less heating cooking oil. So you do not need any training to control this unit, you need to read the manual thoroughly.

Heating elements

To heat the oil, there are a variety of heating element types. Among the infrared S or U designs, stainless steel tubes are more popular for their being evenly and faster. This heating style needs a large cord zone which is safer than other heating elements.

Cover and baskets

Manufacturers mostly design with one or two baskets, but you should consider picking the durable one which can go years. You should find a basket with a plastic or rubber coating handle which will help you to easy operation. Most of the baskets have a hook-on design that can hold on top of the machine to drip the extra cooking oil. If you are purchasing an advanced one, you will get an automatic lifter to help you effectively in your commercial kitchen when you have no time to lift this.

It is very hard to find a commercial deep fryer without a cover. This plays a vital role to keep safe you from the boil. Even to use the extra oil for next time, you can cover this to prevent dust and other elements to ruin the oil.

Accessories and warranty features

Before purchasing your commercial deep fryer, you should check the included accessories like filter paper, cleaning rod, fishplate, and resting plate to save your extra cost on these things and as a handy item, you can instantly make your kitchen updated. Even you should talk frankly with the supplier for these accessories.

To make your purchase worthy, you should look to the warranty features of a brand-new commercial deep fryer. Depending on the various parts, This comes with a different time duration warranty.

FAQs about the best commercial deep fryer for chicken

Basically, a commercial deep fryer is not about a large batch of food cooking in the least time, but rather confirming the evenly cooking of fried items to ensure perfect taste and texture. To know any product clearly and before purchase/use most of the time getting some answer’s question is very helpful. So, Keep continuing to read the session entirely to find accurate knowledge about the question actually those you need to know.

Does an electric commercial deep fryer need ventilation?

In clear words, an electric commercial deep fryer does not need to be ventilated, certainly like a gas-powered one. Because of their installation type, some model needs to draw away heat to keep them safe and active for a couple of years.

How can you clean your commercial deep fryer?

If you got feared to clean a  commercial deep fryer before purchasing them. You should know the detail about this unit cleaning. To keep your food healthy and fresh, you should clean the unit regularly of food debris and deposits. You should check the manufacturer’s care and use instructions carefully to go for anything. Most modern countertop commercial deep fryer comes with stainless construction with dishwasher-safe parts to clean them easily. You should also clean the exterior regularly for prolonging the machine’s life.

Can you use a  commercial deep fryer for chicken suitable for the outdoor kitchen?

Among the lots of conveniences of the electric commercial deep fryer, here is the most important thing. Being an electrically powered wind and natural difficulties won’t impact the fire. To take this advantage, people use this for their outdoor kitchen for making party or dinner plates. Along with the compact size and portable design, you can depend on this for BBQ or get-togethers. Although they are great designs for indoor use, they will not disappointing you in any situation.

How much oil needs a commercial deep fryer for chicken?

Every commercial deep fryer comes with a user manual to use the appliance perfectly. Where you will get a clear idea about your unit’s oil capacity. Depending on your need of making food in a single batch, you can choose your oil tank capacity. The market is full of different sizes of commercial deep fryers(6,8,12) and more. For your commercial kitchen need, you can choose the larger one. For more convenience, this comes with max and min labels to give you the best cooking experience.

How can you drain and use a  commercial deep fryer?

A commercial deep fryer works with a lot of oil to cook a larger amount of food in a single batch and drain the extra oil for the next use or clean the oil tank. To start the process you should place an oil container under the deep, switch off the unit and open the drain valve.

The recently designed commercial deep fryer comes with lots of safety features to make this user-friendly. Mostly these come with a power switching design, adjustable temperature, and filling baskets with food and leaving them in the oil tank. 


Whatever we found about the best commercial deep fryer for chicken, we have attached with this writing the best picks, buying guide, and FAQs.To do this, we have done lots of research and read some writing to make this dependable for the readers like you. A commercial deep fryer is a vital cooking appliance for modern restaurants and fries foodies when these are electrically powered.

There are lots of choices available in the market, but you won’t face any difficulties with our guidelines. Here we have broken down every feature of the listed appliances which can help you effectively to find the best choice up to your needs.No matter if you are not well known, but our guideline is noted from experience.

Thus, it is time to pick the very best commercial deep fryer to keep excellent features and provide mouth-watering fried food from your kitchen!

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