10 Best Electric Countertop Burner Reviews in 2022

Electric Countertop Burner


As a solution on space in your small kitchen or cooking in outside office and campaign with the access of electricity best electric countertop burner are always a smart and preferable choice for anyone. These are able to offer r large groups and lots of different items. Because these items have various sizes with single and double burner options you can easily choose the most functional and useful featured piece for your kitchen.

Like the various reason for purchasing an electric countertop burner, a good number manufacturers designed various types and sizes of them per individual customer requirements. Among the hundred options, some could be flimsy with a high price. And you should consider price points with various convenient features and Amazon ratings with chosen materials to make this handy item durable and long-lasting.

To help you with a reliable list and buying guide we recharge on dozens of countertop burners and choose these 10 among them which have a great affordable price and high-quality performance with an array of different features. Not only for home use you can carry them to a different place to use them anywhere as they are very portable and convenient to use. In our top picks, we have attached the 10  best electric countertop burners that are top-rated and available in the market.

-Our Top Picks-

Usually, the best electric countertop burner is a great cooking machine which can be great for limited kitchen space or extra cooking options in your various need. In our top picks, we put together all the high quality and safety features with different sizes while these are single and double burner configurations. From here you can confidently pick the most suitable one from several models and brands. You should consider them before purchasing any of the electric countertop burners.

1. Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner

Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner

Key features

  • Easy to clean
  • Faster cooking
  • Incorporated with power indicator light
  • The cool-touch base for safety
  • Non-skid rubber feet for stable cooking
  • Suitable for small kitchens are and apartments

We are placing Elite Gourmet countertop electrical hot burner in the first position of best electric countertop burner top list which is also a best-selling item in an online shop. The unit has adjustable temperature control with 7 power levels which can accommodate various cooking methods per different food tastes and appearances. In this setting, you will get Off, Warm, Med, Low, and high settings to meet every need.

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A heavy-duty cast iron flat plate helps to cook food in evenly heat distribution. Plus this also helps to clean the unit effortlessly. The cool-touch base is a great convenient support when you are cooking with this smart kitchen appliance. This won’t burn your hand in the mistaken touch of this. On the contrary, it comes with non-skid rubber feet to ensure supreme support to be stable on the countertop. This is compatible with any cookware such as frying pan, aluminum pan, teapot, ceramic, and glass pots too.

When you want to carry them for camping, school, or office you can choose this which has 10.65x 9.15 x 3.65 inch and 3.67-pound weights. No matter it is breakfast, dinner, and lunch this can offer your a faster and more consistent cooking experience. This has power indicator lights that let you know the machine is on and operating. A single electric burner can produce reliable heating with 1000w power. Operation with rotary makes it easy for anyone.

Why we picked it

  • Variable temperature settings
  • Evenly heat distribution
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Portable for cooking at school office and camping trip

2. CUSIMAX Portable Countertop Burner

CUSIMAX Portable Countertop Burner

Key features

  • Skid resistance rubber feet
  • Power and temperature control knob
  • Stainless steel housing
  • High quality double crystalline glass plate
  • Needs 900 watts and 120V of power
  • Adjustable thermostatic control

An array of delicious meals can be cooked with a CUSIMAX ceramic electric hot plate which a dual cooktop whether you are taking a preparation of lunch, breakfast, or dinner this won’t let you down in food taste and texture and super faster cooking. Cleaning of the kitchen appliance is easy when this has a ceramic cooktop. The double crystalline glass plate is very easy to maintain with a damp cloth.

This cooking machine is designed with an auto shut-off function while the temperature is regulated by a thermostat. To be trustworthy to their customer this comes with a free replacement service 18 months and 30 days hassle-free return policy. The two-burner is convenient for cooking pasta, grilled cheese, boiled water, warm sauce, and more with all types of cookware. So no worry about making food in the least time within various recipes to bring fun to the dining table.

With this burner, you do not need to buy any additional cooktop to cook. The stainless steel body is built to withstand everyday use for a small kitchen area or apartment. Plus this could be the first choice for RV, office, back garden, and more to meet your various need. This has non-slip feet to perfectly place on the kitchen countertop. Control the unit with two knobs easily for power and temperature. And the indicator light attracts your attention.

Why we picked it

  • Comes with 18 month’s free replacement  service
  • Portable electric infrared cooktop
  • Compact and powerful
  • Works with all types of cookware

3. Cusimax Hot Plate Electric Double Burner

Cusimax Hot Plate Electric Double Burner

Key features

  • Used cast iron to build hot plate
  • Suitable for any type of cookware
  • Doesn’t emit harmfully 
  • Convenient and handy
  • Nonskid feet for better stability
  • 30 days hassle-free return policy with replacement service

If you are one of them who love to choose any product online with so many ratings we suggest you purchase the Cusimax hot plate electric portable double burner which has slim look with a black finish. It won’t be mismatched for any kitchen decoration. The silver temperature control knobs help to bring an accent look to entire kitchen arrangements with stylish indicator lights. There are two plates of 7.4 inches and 6.1 inches to support any cookware cooking without any restriction on casserole, ceramic pot, and glass pot.

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This hot plate won’t emit any harmful radiation which ensures a safe cooking machine than other induction cookers. The black stainless steel body won’t take so much effort to clean with a clean cloth when it is cool. Plus this has overheated protection and build to withstand capacity to make your machine long-lasting even after a couple of years of frequent use. As for safety features, this also has automatic shut-off and temperature regulated by a thermostat to injury-free control of this unit.

Portability is another most important feature which everyone ensures first when they are in-store to purchase an electric countertop burner. And this model is perfect for any party in office, camp, boat, traveling and student accommodation with 2 thermostatically controlled heat settings for warm sauce, pasta, soup, vegetable, and different delicious dishes. Furthermore, you can use this as an extra burner to keep food warm for serving plates with good taste and texture.

Why we picked it

  • Very  portable 
  • Multifunctional co
  • Easy to control and clean
  • Useful to keep food warm for a long time

4. Ovente Double Electric Countertop Kitchen Burner

Ovente Double Electric Countertop Kitchen Burner

Key features

  • 1700W output power
  • Gave indicator lights
  • Simple to control with a knob
  • Suitable for any type of cookware
  • Efficient cooking system
  • Two sizes burner ring range

Ovente designed this electric countertop burner with coil stove 5.7 and 6-inch parameters to make cooking tasks more fun and carefree. To run the unit it takes 1700W of power. And the durable stainless steel heating tube helps to spread the heat evenly cooking the food perfectly. No worries about the food dripping and oil spillage while you can clean the non-electrical part with a damp cloth or disinfectant kitchen wipe rather than heavily scrub off.

To keep you and your family safe this body is made from durable metal housing which is highly resistant to high temperature and fire. If you think this won’t support you even after long-termed use while you should know about this high-quality construction won easily bend or wrap. The indicator lights help you to get attention to set the appropriate temperature depending on your food’s type. This is compatible with all types of cookware as stainless steel, steak plate, ceramic, glass, and aluminum plate.

Coil electric burner is a popular choice for faster heating and rightly heat distribution. There is two adjustable temperature control to meet your various need of temperature. When you are busy cooking with different heavy cookware you need cooking machine stability. With the rubber non-slip feet you can be sure about its super stability. This countertop electric burner can fit any small space with a compact, flat, and lightweight appearance.

Why we picked it

  • Heats up evenly
  • Cooks food  faster and perfectly
  • Adjustable temperature setting 
  • High temperature and fire resistant

5. CUKOR Electric Countertop Burner

CUKOR Electric Countertop Burner

Key features

  • 18 month free replacement policy
  • Support up to 22lbs
  • Flameless cooking system
  • Build with durable stainless steel
  • Keeps food warm up to 25 mins after power off
  • Works with various material made cookware

When you will start to read reviewing of the CUKOR electric countertop burner you will get lots of convenience features in them which are intellectually designed for experienced and non-experienced cooks. This is featured with automatic temperature setting, on/off, flameless cooking, voltage regulator, no radiation of emission of carbon dioxide. Even this won’t require any separate cooktop. It can save up to 30% more energy than the traditional models.

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You can consider this cooking system as a great solution against burning and unevenly cooking food. While this comes with variable temperature settings for frying, boiling, stir cooking, and slow cooking with on\off. Stainless steel-made and the cast iron plate will make the long-lasting and perfect design for everyday cooking. This works with any cookware and needs 1800W of power. Attractive black and white color combination will be very attractive for any theme of the kitchen.

As a safe household product, this faces all the tests settled by ETL and BSCI. Also, this has a thermal fuse for overheating protection. If you are cooking a large batch you need to place a heavy and large pot, yet this can support up to 22 lbs. To keep your investment safe this has an 18-month replacement policy and 30 days question-free return system. Knob control makes it pretty easier to control for elder family members like mom and mother-in-law.

Why we picked it

  • Energy saving and compact design
  • Certified by BSCI and ETL
  • Overheating protection
  • No noise when working

6. Techwood Hot Plate Stove Countertop Double Burner

Techwood Hot Plate Stove Countertop Double Burner

Key features

  • Timeless stainless steel body
  •  Infrared ceramic cooktop 
  • Designed for everyday use
  • Stylish adjustable thermostatic knob 
  • Needs 120V electricity outlet
  • compatible with all types of cookware

Already we have discussed the 5 best electric countertop burners and this is our sixth pick which can be a future purchase for your smart and busy kitchen. Techwood introduces this with an infrared ceramic cooktop which can cook food faster than a conventional smart cooking machine, stainless steel body of the machines ensure its durability and the handle others burner have cool touch up with helps to carry it anywhere easily and securely.

A great combination of timeless stainless steel and crystallite glass hot plate design helps to clean the unit easily. Slim and compact appearance won’t take lots of space of your countertop rather being very lightweight you can carry them for office, RVs, dorm room, and more. To keep for warm you can use it as an extra burner. This could be outstanding for cooking pasta, warm sauce, soup, vegetable, and more. It has 1800W to power to provide delicious for any time and anywhere.

With the stylish adjustable thermostatic knob, you can set your desired temperature. There is no restriction for choosing cookware for this unit. From glass to ceramic, this hot plate stove countertop is compatible with all of them. This is designed for everyday use. When you will purchase this from the manufacturer they seem it is the starting of a good relationship and promise to give you the best support with a 12-month warranty service.

Why we picked it

  • 12-month warranty service
  • Slim and compact design
  • Easy to carry and maintenance
  • Build to last

7. Duxtop LCD Countertop Burner Sensor Touch Stove

Duxtop LCD Countertop Burner Sensor Touch Stove

Key features

  • Low and high voltage warning system
  • Attractive design
  • Compatible with various types of cookware
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor design
  • 20 preset settings are available
  • Touch control panel for easy operation

This is the very latest updated with best ever features model from Duxtop which did not work like a traditional induction oven rather than more. It is designed with a child safety lock system and fast heat dissipation which makes you feel comfortable with this unit. Also, this comes with a premium glass surface for effortless cleaning. To save energy this comes with power-sharing which avoids electricity overload to increase efficiency.

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Only by pressing a single button, you can change power and temperature mode for various needs like boiling water, heating mild, cooking sauce, and different frying mode. As this has no open flame it is a safer option with a touch panel to operate the unit. The cooking machine is designed for even heat distribution and a faster cooking system. Because of having a double fan, it won’t heat so much which makes it long-lasting.

Use any kind of cookware depending on your food need while this cooker has no restriction upon the choice of cookware’s materials. The LCD read-up display helps to preview the set atmosphere and power. This has  1800W of power to make your kitsch work less time-consuming than the sensor touch control. This product has ETL certification which means they have reliable performance ability from its test session.

Why we picked it

  • LCD readout display
  • Child safety lock system
  • ELT approved
  • Timer allows hassle-free cooking experience

8. Ovente Countertop Kitchen Burner with Temperature Control

Ovente Countertop Kitchen Burner with Temperature Control

Key features

  • Stainless steel and cast iron materials
  • Slim and portable
  • Used infrared technology
  • 1700W of cooking power
  • No cookware restriction
  • Featured with thermostat control knobs

Ovente allows two beautiful finishes for their dual hot plate infrared countertop burner. From black and silver, you can choose your favorite one which matches any decoration with a ton of convenience in your cooking experience. Along with infrared technology, it helps to heat up the plate fast and cook food faster and evenly. It is designed with crystalline glass for making it pretty easier to clean of dipping and oil spatters.

Together with a 7” and 6.5”  diameter hot plate, this comes with a stainless steel base. With 20 x 16 x 14 inch overall dimension it fits any small kitchen area or apartment. While you are taking preparation for several foods item this can cook two recipes at once even faster and properly. It comes with knobs control which is very simple and convenient to set a stable temperature until you won’t change the position of the knob.

Enjoy full freedom to choose any kind of material made cookware while this is safe with all kinds of pots and pans. Plus this has an on/off indicator light for safe and smart use of the unit. As you don’t face any accident from slippage this comes with non-skid rubber feet. Because of having 1700w of power it won’t disappoint you in your kitchen task. The modern design with a flat and stylish appearance helps to decorate any room decor.

Why we picked it

  • Fast heating and cool down
  • Attractive finish
  • Safe and efficient
  • Easy to clean

9. Duxtop Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

Duxtop Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

Key features

  • Build-in countdown digital timer
  • Comes with a 5 ft longer cord
  • Needs 120 volts with 15 amps outlet
  • 10 variable temperature options
  • Premium glass surface for easy cleaning
  • Diagnostic error message system

There are several unique features included to design this Duxtop portable single electric countertop burner as a low and high voltage warning system to alert you to the cooking temperature and cooking system durability. With a 10 temperature range setting from 140 degrees F to 460 degrees F. On the contrary, 10 power level from 200 to 1800 meets different foods required. A built-in countdown timer makes you care less about shutting off your cooking machine.

For evenly heat distribution this has  7 blade fans to make your food amazingly cooked without risk of burning. The auto-pan detection is the most recent feature for electric burners which saves energy and provides unbeatable safety. If the burner doesn’t detect any cooking ware within 60 sec it will auto shut off. This has a lightweight and compact design which won’t take up so much space on your countertop or is easy to store after use and even carry from one place to another.

To run the unit this requires 120V 15 amps outlet. This comes with a 5f cord so if your power supply housing is pretty far away from the unit. The manufacturer designed this cooking appliance with high-quality materials and reliable features capable to provide long-lasting performance and tons of convenience with 2 years warranty and ETL certification. You can choose them with golden and silver liner with the black body which brings an accent glow to your kitchen decor.

Why we picked it

  • Certified by ETL
  • 2 years manufacturers warranty
  • Equipped with 7 blade fans
  • Auto pan detection

10. Techwood Countertop Double Burner

Techwood Countertop Double Burner

Key features

  • No open flame and high-frequency radiation
  • Compatible with all types of cookware
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Incorporation of cool to touch handles
  • Modern brushed stainless steel housing
  • Non-slip feet for better stability

We want to conclude our review with an effective and very convenient option for the best electric countertop burner from Techwood hot plate portable electric countertop stove which has a dual burner with cast iron plate and brushed stainless steel housing. These are very easy to clean because of have a crystalline glass plate with a soft cloth. The cast-iron burner heats faster and cooks delicious food evenly without burning the food. 

Through the adjustable thermostat, anyone can easily operate this effortlessly at different temperatures which can make various types of food with a steady temperature. It needs 1800W of power and 120V. This electric stove works with all kinds of cookware from different materials. Because of having a compact size and cool-touch handle to move this unit anywhere depending on anyone’s need for school or college students, office party, camper, and more. Most interestingly this could be used as an extra burner to keep food warm.

Harmless infrared heat with high-frequency radiation and no open flame won’t affect the pregnant women, kids,s and older members of your family. For your worry-free shopping, this comes with an 18-month replacement and amazing customer service. No matter you are making pasta, sauce, soup, grilled cheese, vegetables, and more you can depend on this unit which has non-slip rubber to confirm utmost stability in your cooking time.

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Why we picked it

  • Compact and flat design
  • 18-month warranty service
  • Adjustable thermostats knobs 
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Buying Guide of Electric Countertop Burner

There are several things you should consider before approaching to buy the best electric countertop burner as a new addition to your kitchen. We promise you to offer a dependable guide and to do this we have taken experienced knowledge including price, types, additional features, use and maintenance, portability and more which you should know to make your purchase efficient and price worthy. Read carefully the session which won’t let you go down to find an electric countertop burner.


Like the others’ kitchen appliances and equipment, this electric countertop burner also comes with a wide range of prizes and sizes. You can easily get from small to large budget electric countertop burners depending on your needs. In this situation, you should not purchase a very cheap type under $20 that can not be durable and well-functioned. On the contrary, you should not buy one for over $100.To keep their standard performance and good features you should buy a single or double burner per your demand.

Additional features

Upgraded countertop burners have various power and temperature settings which will come very first consideration in your approach. Auto shut off and overheating protection are fundamental choices for safety.

Easy operation

Find an electric countertop burner that has a safe and easy operating method like a push button or knob. If you have an elder citizen like mom and mother-in-law go with the knob on the contrary push button with ultimate convenience. To preview the power and temperature setting digital display will be a great idea for more satisfaction in functionality and aesthetic looking.

Placement locations

These are versatile for small or larger cooking are whether it is your home or outdoor for making celebration meals. When your kitchen is unusual from the traditional one can depend on this burner which is something more than only a cooking appliance. They need minimal set and electric supply to cook different delicious things hot and fresh. This is a really stylish and small one which can cook even before your guest. Now cooking is fun also with chatting with your friends.


When you are searching for a very portable one for frequent outer use try to mind a lightweight and compact one. While all the countertop stoves which are reviewed are perfect for carrying campaigns, offices, dorm rooms, and more. Some of them have foldable features and cool-touch handles for safe movements. You should pick a heavy one which could be stored in any small space after use in a tent.

Frequently asked questions for  electric countertop burner 

To make your experience better with your new electric countertop burner or older we arrange the frequently asked questions session where you will get the most reliable answer to your asked common questions. Without wasting time start reading them and gain several ideas about this smart cooking appliance that can save your time and energy with enormous tasty food options.

Which should you buy for a single or double burner?

Electric countertop burner mostly comes with a single and double burner. You can choose them from your perspective. Yet these are designed intellectual with compact and lightweight to make it easy to carry them. Both are suitable for everyday cooking. Yet single burner could be a great choice for different placement indoor and outdoor for a small or large kitchen to keep your dishes warm.

Why do you need safety features and multiple controls in electric countertop burners?

As your electric countertop burner are versatile to meet different need. Plus these come with various types of safety features included like automatic shuts off and cool to touch surface, high heat protection, child safety, and more to feel your boundless security in your home. You can choose coil burner, induction heat, or ceramic types per your need.

Is the electric countertop burner cooking fast?

If you read a good number of reviews about electric countertop burners you will be clear how faster they can cook food than other cooking equipment which makes them the best-selling option in the online market. Most of them won’t open fire to heat the surface rather heat circulates effectively to complete the task with direct heating of a pan cooking pot. Plus, a great number of countertop burners are compatible with different cookware. There is adjustability to their power and temperature to help you get an accurate setting for foods.

How can you clean and maintain the electric countertop burner?

To make your smart cooking appliance long-lasting you should take care of it thoroughly whose one which cooktop is made from cast iron, ceramic, or glass those are not to be tough to clean. Most of the designs required simple damp cloth cleaning when your burner is completely cool. In some cases, you can use soapy water to clean the slippage and oils.

Which is the best electric countertop burner for you?

When you are hereafter making mind to purchase one for your kitchen update which can boost your kitchen productivity, Our top list consists of 10 items with a single and double burner. Among them, Duxtop, Techwood, Oven, and elite gourmet can be a great choice for your kitchen. These have surprising features with easy cleaning and operation to make a handy item. These have reasonable price points that won’t be afforded to anyone. Now eat hot and fresh food anytime and anywhere with our suggested best electric countertop burner.


As you have already seen we tried to provide the best electric countertop burner which has a surprisingly reasonable price with best performance surety. Whether it is double or single additional features make them helpful in your cooking time. They were able to complete cooking very faster with a safer design. These won’t emit open fire, so you can place them anywhere per your need home or outer.

We put together portable single and durable burners from a different manufacturers which are independently researched and tested and finally recommend you as you don’t hesitate to own them.

Taking your favorite dish fresh and hot from the cooking pan and pot is easy with the best electric countertop burner from our top picks is sure to be worth every penny.

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