10 Best 2 Slice Toaster Reviews and Buying Guide for 2022


Nothing can be more helpful than a toaster in your kitchen everyday morning when you are a great bread eater. If you want to swipe from a traditional or damaged toaster to a new and technological advancement modern toaster with extra wider slots can offer a  blissful morning with made toast, crispy bagel, English muffins, and so on. 

Depending on various customer requirements manufacturer adds features with the intuitive control system, and basic settings (frozen, bagel, reheat and cancel. Some of them also warm up to provide fresh baking food taste every time. Timer setting, auto shut off, removal crumb tray, and variable toasting shade offer brilliant functionality with such a small unit. 

Here we picked both picked metal and plastic exteriors, classical and modern designs as you won’t be disappointed to find the next purchase of  2 slice toasters. Of course, you are in the right position where we will a dependable best 2 slice toaster reviews for you as you can’t go any wrong way to find the most suitable option for your purchase.

Our Top Picks

Perfectly cooking food needs the right kind of cooking appliance which won’t take a lot of time to cook yet offer delicious food with great texture and flavor. Undoubtedly toaster is one of the must-have appliances and these best  2 slice toaster reviews offered you enough knowledge about the most picked 10 choices from different good knowledge brands. There are dozens of 2 slice toasters but one which can produce a perfectly crunchy and brown slice of toast-making capacity has fewer. Get the most versatile and good-looking 2 slice toaster choice from our top picks.

1. Cuisinart CPT-122BK 2-Slice Compact Plastic Toaster

Cuisinart CPT-122BK

Key features

  • Available 7 toast shade
  • Designed with 4 basic setting
  • Slide-out crumb tray
  • Incorporation of high left carriage
  • Ideal for small kitchen and dorm room
  • Sides remain cool on running time

While you are obsessed with simple and classical elegance you will love this 2 slice toaster from Cuisinart. The CPT-122 BK model also has a white color choice for your kitchen decoration. This comes with a 6.5 x 1.1 x 72-inch dimension with 1.5 wide slots to offer various delicious food including bagels, muffins, and toast. Along with the compact size, this can easily fit a very small kitchen even a dorm room to give you advantages of this smart kitchen unit.

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The toaster can cook faster and evenly the powerful and larger option. It has a straightforward design with four popular settings-toast, bagel, defrost and reheat. The price range of the appliance can make fool you with the thought that this could not be efficient for your every need. While we are ensuring you that can be great whether you are making toast of frozen bread without wasting of time to come this in room temperature.

By the activation of the cancel setting, you can stop all the running settings of the unit. To get personalized toast color this offer 7 different shade light to dark. The slide crumb tray is held to clean it easily and the high lift carriage makes this superbly easy to use each time safely. Though it has a plastic exterior but will be cool and quiet when you are toasting. We will recommend this with a decent product at a decent price for your small kitchen.

Why we picked it

  • Compact and classical design
  • Toasts evenly and faster
  • 1.5 inch wider slots for various foods
  • Durable and long-lasting

2. Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster

Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Toaster

Key features

  • Have toast shade selector
  • Extra-wide slot for thick bread
  • Featured with auto shut off and cancel button
  • Clan and attractive front
  • Toast boasting technology
  • Comes with a crumb tray

With 7 browning colors, Hamilton Beach designed their 22623 model to offer you varied types of toast depending on your choice. To adjust thick-cut break this has a wider slot as you can make various toast and bagel food items with this comfortably. This has cord storage to provide a clean look in your small kitchen after using this you can plug up the cord and out it offers easy and safe storage of this unit.

The combination of red and silver easily matches any decoration of your kitchen or dorm room. This won’t miss anyone’s attention for this with a modern and gorgeous look. Curvy shapes provide unique and compact apparent which easily fit any small countertop with a side accessing area. As you can use this accurately this has an extra-high lift for easy bread retrieval without interfering with you.

This toaster’s most advanced feature is the auto shut off, which makes this unit more dependable than cooking and not standing by the side of this unit. You can leave this unit carelessly in your busy morning with a cancel button to stop all activities in an emergency. The non-stick material of the toaster interior ensures evenly cooked toast with the least time. With defrost and bagel separate settings this won’t let you disappoint with your purchase.

Why we picked it

  • Stylish and practical
  • Compact and dependable
  • Consistent result for every use
  • Designed with shock-resistant heating elements

3. Toasters 2 Slice Best Rated Prime

Toasters 2 Slice Prime

Key features

  • Very easy to operate
  • Offers 3 basic functions
  • Wider slot  with high lifter
  • Made with wear resistance materials
  • Comes with 850 wattage power
  • Easier cleaning with removal crumb tray

WHALL presents a 2 slice toaster that has stainless steel exterior with a silver shiny finish being a complementary thing itself for your kitchen. This is designed with 1.5-inch wide slots to offer thick bread toast and bagels. It won’t take more than two minutes when this works with powerful 850 wattages to toast your bread evenly and faster. On the contrary, the bidirectional surround heating technology works a two-way wound heating pipe in the body as up and down uniform of the bread to provide perfect toast every time. 

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To offer your favorite shade this has 6 browning settings for golden to deep dark with multi-gear adjustment. There are three basic settings as defrost, bagel, and cancel to feel comfortable with this small kitchen appliance. With the defrost setting you can make toast or frozen bread even more than 10% faster than other gear times. While the bagel setting only toasts the outside of the bagel or hamburger bun to serve delicious food.

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The high-end durable stainless steel material construction ensures wear resistance which can make this long-lasting for years even with long-term high-temperature baking without deformation of the unit. For immediate cleaning of the unit, this has a removal crumb tray that can collect the toast from the bottom of the machine. To make sure users supreme convenience this has a high lifter that can lift the toast 1 cm higher to save your hand from burning.

Why we picked it

  • Uses bidirectional surround heating technology
  • Cooks evenly and quickly
  • Have 6 browning setting
  • 30 days refund and replacement

4. 2 Slice Red Toasters

Slice Red Toasters

Key features

  • Well-made  and space-saving size
  • Automatic pop up with wide slots
  • A removal bread crumb for easy cleaning
  • Suitable for various types of bread
  • Offer evenly made toast
  • Ensure consistent results

Bonsenkitchen this compact size toaster is designed with smart operation along with three individual buttons for defrosting, canceling, and reheating. In your emergency press the cancel button to stop all the running processes within seconds. And frozen bread with make perfect toast without taking so many times from your tight scheduled kitchen hour. Making delicious and softer toast from this unit is pretty easy with 750 wattages and 120V power.

Stainless steel red toaster comes with wide and deep 2   to provide multiple toasts at once. The 5.5 x 1.4-inch slot can be efficient for various bread as waffles or thick bread slices and Artisan type or larger pieces of bread and bagel for various favorite food items.

These slots can automatically adjust the position of the bread as this can ensure rightly toasting in the least time. Besides, it has an automatic pop-out design when the baking is done.

The design and color combination of the unit will impress at the very first looking of this unit. With 288 x 158 x 178 mm this can be a reliable choice for a tight place such as a dorm room, RVs, boat, motor room, and small flat. Space-saving design won’t require huge space on your countertop. Cleaning of the breadcrumbs is effortless when the unit comes with slice-out bread crumbs to offer a more clean countertop. With a 7 toast color selector, you can get the most preferable shade of toast.

Why we picked it

  • Featured with reheat, cancel and defrost
  • Stainless steel housing 
  • Variable toast color selection
  • Its gorgeous look and very functional

5. BLACK+DECKER 2-Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster


Key features

  • Stainless steel accent front
  • Toast fast with precise results
  • Slots have self-adjusting guides
  • Offers 7 toast shades
  • Incorporation of cord storage
  • Crumb tray remove crumbs easily

In the field of smart cooking appliance manufacturing BLACK+DECKER is a reliable brand and for  2 slice toasters, they also have great popularity with multiple features such as bagel, frozen, and cancel to experience more reliable functionality in your kitchen.No matter you are in hurried this individual setting help you as an experienced hand when you are completely messed with kitchen tasks. With the stainless steel front, it gets an accent look to be an attractive addition to your kitchen setting.

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The toaster is constructed from durable and lightweight plastic which can be wear and tear-resistant to meet your daily need. The overall dimension (6.5 x 6.8 x 10.6) inch of the unit shows the very compact and sleek look of the unit which fits any small space comfortably without blocking precious countertop space. Intuitive controls help to use the unit without any mistakes. And the 7 shade selector of the toast offers different colors of baking toast.

The drop-down tray will provide clean and optical performance to remove the breadcrumb easily. This is designed with wide slots which can accommodate different sizes and types of bread and bagel to offer tasty and delicious food throughout the day. The classical oval black small toaster easily matches your small flat kitchen style or dorm room and RVs.As a safety feature, this has extra levered which lifts the toasted food when then toasting is completed.

Why we picked it

  • User-friendly and safe
  • Extra-wide slots
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Definite with three functions

6. Oster 2-Slice Toaster

Oster 2-Slice Toaster

Key features

  • Incorporates self-centering bread guides 
  • Extra-wide slots for various bread sizes
  • Removal of crumb tray for easy cleaning
  • High-rise lever to automatic pop up
  • Blue backlit  LED buttons
  • Cool-touch housing

In the process of finding our best 2 slice toaster reviews will help you effectively and Oster Inspire  2, slice toaster one of them which offer perfection in toasting every time with extra-wide slots for varying size of bread accommodation and the dual bread guides atomically placed the rightly even after their different thickness and sizes of bread. The compact size unit easily fits small without making your countertop cluttered. 

Besides this, the operation of the unit is very simple with an intuitive button for bagel, toast, and defrost settings. Each of the buttons completes the cooking task independently and perfectly. There is also a cancel button to stop all the running functions of the unit immediately It has 7 selection choices for toast color light to dark depending on your personal taste. So, whatever you need to simply press the button pulling the lever to start the unit.

The unit is designed with lots of convenience for their use such as cool-touch housing to protect your hand from burning high rise lever for easy toast retrieval, blue backlit LED buttons which make it easy to see your selection finally the removal crumb tray which collects the breadcrumbs and making cleaning is very effortless. For any kitchen, this is a complimentary ad with a combination of modern elements and a classical look of the unit.

Why we picked it

  • Won’t take a large space 
  • The great value of the price
  • Offers  3 basic setting
  • 7 toast shade from light to dark

7. BLACK+DECKER 2-Slice Extra Toaster

BLACK+DECKER 2 Slice Toaster

Key features

  • Extra-wide toasting slots
  • Featured with a bagel and frozen setting
  • Lever lift toast for easy reach
  • Easy cleaning with crumb tray
  • Available  shades of toast
  • Works with 850 watts of pow

To start a morning with fresh toast and a bagel toaster is a must-have kitchen appliance for every kitchen. If that comes from Black +Decker that can be more dependable and efficient for a round of years used. With the 12.01 x 7.28 x 8.07 overall dimension you did not feel insufficient countertop space or something less than a functional toaster for your need.

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No matter whether you want to bake toast or bagel this has an individual control for each of them while you need to press an intuitive button to start the process of cooking. There is blue light which indicates which setting is running in the unit at that moment. The frozen function saves your time to bake bread from direct freezer to toaster with evenly cooking. For delicious crunch bagels or various types of toasted treats, this has wide slots. And the cancel option for an emergency.

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Six shade selectors of toast offer a favorite choice of you and your need. Every slot of the toaster has an extra levered lift to automatically lift the made toast safely for serving. For faster and evenly toasting this has 850 wattage power. And the crumb tray keeps your counter clean and smell-free toast every time. The sleek and eye-catchy look impresses anyone at the very first glance of this over your countertop.

Why we picked it

  • Self-adjusting guides
  • Efficient and simple 
  • Affordable price
  • Modern and sleek looking

8. 2 Slice Toaster LED Display

2 Slice Toaster LED Display

Key features

  • Convenient 4 functions available
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Removal of crumb tray for a great cleaning
  • Suitable for various sizes of bread
  • User-friendly and durable
  • Nonslip silicone pad and cord wrap design

As a budget-friendly option, IKICH made a superb combination with the neediest features and high-end performance side inside. This has a compact and space-saving design to fit in small spaces whether it is a small flat, RV, or dorm room. There are 4 functions cancel, bagel, defrost and reheat to make your kitchen tasks easier from breakfast to celebration preps with the least time and without any mess on the countertop.

It is satisfying with a clear LCD screen to ensure correct operation and a digital display to know the cooking time and remaining time. Furthermore, you can also look at shade settings at a glance without waiting to complete the full cooking cycle from this illuminating display. The automatically pop-up feature activates when the toasting is completed. The bottom of the unit has to cord storage where you can wrap this easy store the toaster neatly.

There are 9 settings to offer light to brown toast shade which you can set from intelligent thermal control precisely. Because of the stainless steel and black high-quality plastic construction, it makes lightweight elegance and long-lasting. This is designed with an accurate setting without any guessing. For cleaning tasks, you can depend on the removal crumb tray. To make this stable on your countertop this has a nonsilicon pad.

Why we picked it

  • Classic look with modern elements
  • Automatic pop up function
  • LED count down to preview the current state
  • 9 shades of toasting

9. Breville BTA820XL Die-Cast 2-Slice Smart Toaster

Breville BTA820XL

Key features

  • Easy cleaning with front crumb tray
  • A bit more and Lift and look innovative features
  • Rely on this for bagel and fruit bread settings
  • Designed with larger slots 
  • LED light indicator to preview the cooking time 
  • Brushed  stainless steel finish

For decent toaster manufacturing at a reasonable price, Breville is always commendable, and it won’t complete the best  2 slice toaster reviews without their product. We are not exaggerating you will also get this when you will complete reading the whole review about this model. With the innovative feature lift and look and a bit more attached to check on your toast and without interrupting the toasting cycle this will give extra time to cook perfectly your food.

Like the most popular toaster, it also has a bagel function to meet the need for a bagel or burger bun toasting heating setting. Plus, the defrost feature won’t waste your time coming to room temperature and baking one after another. As a user-friendly design, it has one-touch automation to provide you with the utmost convenience in your kitchen. Thus compact, and sleek design won’t be mismatched for any kitchen decoration.

To meet your various food baking demands this has a wider and deep slot that can fit larger artisanal bread, dense pastries, thick bread, and so on. This has a LED light indicator to let you know the left or running time of the toasting. To clean the unit you just need to pull the front crumb and wipe down this thoroughly. Fruit bread is a rating feature for this unit. To make you happy this comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty service.

Why we picked it

  • Intelligent one-touch application
  • Works with 900 watts of power
  • Baked with 1-year warranty service
  • Offers 5 different toast color

10. Toaster 2 Slice Stainless 2 Slice Toaster

Toaster 2 Slice

Key features

  • Anti-slip rubber feet for stability 
  • Cord wrap storage bottom of the unit
  • Slide-out crumb tray males easy to clean
  • 7 browning settings offer a personalized toast
  • Designed with a powerful bagel function
  • Limited warranty service

If you really bored with the black and silver color of the toaster and want to swap to bright colors consider  Hommater this blue model which we recommend in the best 2 slice toasters reviews not only the vibrant colors but the multiple toasting functions-defrost, bagel, and cancel. This is designed with a user-friendly button operation. It won’t take to complete a cycle of more than 2 mins. Besides, the powerful bagel option serves lots of delicious for from this unit.

With stainless steel material combination, it is a lightweight and durable unit which have self-centered wide slots with consistent and serving up and beautifully colored toast. With the 7 browning settings, you will get the most colored toast in your breakfast from light to dark. This comes with a 12-month warranty service to make your investment long-lasting and satisfying.

The user of the unit won’t be bothered to clean the unit while this has a removable tray which is very simple to wipe down in the trash bin. To provide a clean look on your countertop this has fuss-free cord wrap underrate of the toaster which can manage the unit safely and securely. With ant overheat protection and steady and safe anti-slip rubber feet provide the best performance in your kitchen.

Why we picked it

  • Beautifully designed stainless steel body
  • Multiple toasting modes
  • Evenly baked bread yet quickly
  • Anti overheat protection built

Buying Guide of  2 slice toaster

A kitchen essential appliance buying won’t be easy without knowing details about it. In the case of  2 slice toasters, it is not different rather this will be more helpful to find the right one. When your ultimate mission is making perfect toast our buying guide evaluates the most helpful considering factors after recharging good numbers of the toaster which are the most popular choices available in the market.

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Auto shutoff and timer 

For a modern kitchen unit, safety features are essential. When you are preparing for breakfast auto-shutoff is the most helpful feature to keep the machine in good condition even after a couple of years of regular use. And the timer of the unit help to leave your cooking for a fixed time to prevent burning or overcooking your favorite food items. These settings are definite to consider if you use this unit regularly and want to ensure the long-lasting performance of the unit.

Slot size 

When you are choosing toaster slots size is the most important consideration which basically makes the unit efficient for its purpose. There are various types of bread is available including wider and thicker slices, artisan or homemade longer types,s, and bangles. You should find one which won’t demand to cut the bread slices in half and make it toast like a traditional toaster. With wider and deep slots you can put thicker bread or bagel easily to make it perfectly and serve with good textured.  

Heating functions

Some people can think that small toasters are not efficient for your kitchen. If you find your toaster from a reliable brand this will obviously offer you great performance which is designed with high-end and dependable heating function. Though some of them have two-way and one-directional heating elements to toast the bread quickly and evenly to offer perfectly cooked items from the unit.


Check out the material before purchasing any toaster from thousands of choices. Mostly this  2 slice toaster comes with plastic and metal while plastic body materials are aesthetic to look and enough lightweight to carry them easily anywhere per your different needs. Sometimes this makes the expensive. On the contrary, metal-made toasters are reliable for going a couple of years without any worries of damage.

Convenient settings

To prove your toaster functional and user-friendly you should find several convenient settings in your toaster. In this list shade selector of toast comes first while most of the unit comes with variable shade to offer your favorite toast from light golden to dark brown. Secondly, a bagel setting is needed to make different foods. As this is only toast, the inside of the bagel warms the outside to maintain the best taste you need to have this individual setting in your unit.

Reheat and defrost also enhance the worth of this unit. Unlike the traditional toaster which has no defrosted function, you need to wait for hours to get the bread at room temperature and go for the next level of toasting. Yet with defrost feature unit itself can the all thing without making it unevenly cooked toast.

Frequently asked questions about 2 slice toasters

In addition, to know detail about this handy kitchen appliance you should spend a few minutes reading the FAQs session where we put together the most asked questions from different websites to ensure your satisfaction with investing money in this product. Depending on the various models this question’s answer can be varied while we followed the top seller model to reach very close to your problems. If you are want to know about it in detail start reading here:

Why you should have a  2 slice toaster?

When you are well known for the main functionality of the toaster it won’t be very hard to explain why you need such an amazing kitchen appliance. To bake things easily bread, bagel and crumpet easily toaster is the most efficient invention of the era. Without this appliance, you will feel incompleteness in your kitchen. There are lots of options 2 slots with various colors, additional features,s, and basic functions to meet your daily and different needs.

How much should you spend on a 2 slice toaster?

If you have already researched 2 slice toasters before going to purchase one you have found that there are lots of options within a reasonable price range.When you want to purchase a high-end toaster with 2 slots you should have to pay $25-$35.On the contrary, low profile toaster can be purchased for under $15 which would not provide satisfying performance. You should be careful of material and functionality before reaching any final decision. 

Are  2 slice toasters bake efficiently?

Of course, these are efficient for evenly toasting. These years as small and compact kitchen appliances these are being gone through various development, and finally, they come in the reliable position you can rely on them for perfect toasting, bagel, English muffin, and so on. Mostly these are designed with dependable power to cook and lower temperature with less time to bring the right amount of crispness. Yet most of the unit comes with toast color shade, and various basic settings to meet your need. Simply press the unit single button to get the best results.

How to clean a toaster?

Toaster needs cleaning frequently when you want to take fresh bread. The most modern toaster comes with a slide-out tray to clean the breadcrumb easily from the toaster to the trash bin. If you want to clean the unit you will need to unplug the toaster and remove the breadcrumb to clean them with warm water and dish soap. And wipe down the inside of the toaster and clean them thoroughly if there is leftover remove of before cleaning with soapy water. 

Can you stop the toaster in the middle of a cycle?

Yes, you can. Our top list has 10 toasters and all of them have a cancel setting to immediately stop all activity for any emergency situation. After that, you can set the cooking machine for the rest of the time cooking to meet your preferable taste and texture.


You have now 10 choices from our best  2 slice toaster reviews which won’t feel you regret even after you are in shortage of time to read lots of articles about 2 slice toasters. We are ensuring that our research is authentic and dependable to do this we spend a couple of days making a comparison among up to 30 to pick 2 slice toaster choices with a similar price tag.

Without a perfect toaster, you can not taste the evenly made toast in the shortest time. Find the best option which will be adequate for bagel and burger buns too. If you are living small apartment or dorm room you can rely on this kitchen appliance to serve a faster breakfast and mouthwatering dish with a single button pressing.

Thus, to help you in your kitchen activity with little budget and several convenient features go with our top picks and make intellectual comparisons taking the help of buying guide and FAQs.

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