10 Best Commercial Toasters Reviews and Buying Guide for 2022



Most home or food business needs the best commercial toasters to toast bread and bagel throughout the day which can be considered a necessary purchase with medium-duty kitchen assistance. Though the term did not mean specific use them only for commercials purposes yet this meant capacity of high output.

A number of upgraded features like good capacity, faster toasting ability, and long life performance won’t disappoint you when you will catch the right option. To find the appropriate model you need to consider your needs and budget, though these have many advantages with heavy-duty steel construction and higher voltage rating designed for toasting episodes.

Here in this writing, we will discuss the best commercial toasters and their specifications. Besides, we added buying guide and FAQs so you won’t overwhelm with a thousand products that are currently available in the market. Keep reading the end of the content, we hope you will get a suitable and practical option with your investment.

– Our Top Picks –

For your busy kitchen, the best commercial toasters are efficient and dependable choices with optimal production rates. The toaster is an easy operation to make them user-friendly for anyone to toast bread, bagel, English muffins, bun, and others for your home kitchen or small restaurant. Our recharge result is attached here in the top pick which has a great customer rating and higher performance level. Choose from this confidently which are most popular and functional for personal and commercial uses.

1. Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 Maxi-Matic 4-Slice Long Toaster

Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 Toaster

Key features

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Consistent result
  • Can work with artisan and sourdough bread
  • Small and compact
  • Removal trays for bread crumbs
  • Super easy to clean and use

Here is the commercial toaster from Elite Gourmet which we haven’t taken first for best commercial toasters top pick. This is designed with three preset programs cancel to stop all toasting operations, defrost to frozen bed and toast then by defrost function and reheat to warm up the toast without burning this which functions allow easy operation. This has beautiful look to be a complementary addition to any kitchen.

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The toaster has larger sorts which can accommodate 4 slices muffin, sandwich bread, Pullman loaf, and others or 2 pieces longer size bread-like artisan and sourdough one time. This also has a longer build warming rack which you need to push down the back lift lever and the working rack pops up to reheat pastry or heat rolls and croissants to offer a fresh taste of food.

Moreover, the toaster has 6 installation toasting gears to take your personal taste including drying out the bread, little tight browning, dark browning, and other favorite settings. The stainless steel exterior offers a modern look with long-lasting durability for this cooking machine. The removal crumb tray helps to clean the toaster effortlessly. The 31.5-inch cord in the bottom of the toaster offers portable features which can manage in the cord store to offer cleaner if you this they needed.

Why we picked it

  • Wider build in warming rack
  • Offers 6 install toasting gear
  • Designed with reheat, defrost cancel functions
  • Accommodate 4 slice standard bread

2. Toaster 4 Slice, CUSIBOX Stainless Steel Toaster

Toaster 4 Slice

Key features

  • Red LED indicator
  • Have 6 browning control
  • Equipped with 2 removal crumb trays
  • Wider slots with Self-centering guides
  • Comes with a solid high lift lever
  • Available three-colors choice

If you are looking for colorful and stainless steel housing you can consider CUSIBOX 4 slice toaster is designed with a sleek and attractive look for your kitchen. With the 1.5 inches wider 4  slots you can get perfectly made food items from various bread types, frozen waffles, and bagel halves while this has engineered with self guides for any thick and thin slices. For perfect breakfast prep, this is efficient with the twice spread and different things at the same time in different slots.

There are 6 browning settings for different tastes with stable filament heat from the 70s to the 180s for a soft toast to dark brown and crispy taste. This toaster is designed with 1650W high power support to do its task appropriately with even heat. The incorporation of a solid high lift lever offers safe and convenient use of the unit. For offering an easy cleaning process this has the removal of 2 trays while 36.5-inch cord storage in the base provides the cleaner look of the gadget.

With the 3 basic functions’ bagel for a toaster on one side, defrost for toast frozen bread, and cancel for a mid-toast stop to increase the functionality of this handy kitchen tool. The red indicator light help to attract you to its activity. This has a dual independent control system for 4. Black, warm cream, and red offer the most preferable color for your kitchen decoration. As ETL listens to the item you can trust them as safe and high performance. With 1 year warranty and 90 days of money-back service, this is 100% customer satisfaction.

Why we picked it

  • EUP/ETL listed
  • Dual control panel
  • One-year warranty with 90 days of money back
  • Works with 1650W high power

3. Proctor Silex Commercial 4 Slice Extra

Proctor Silex Commercial 4 Slice

Key features

  • 1.5 inch wider slot with bread centering guides
  • Have toast level control
  • Featured with automatic toast boost
  • UL and NSF approved
  • Convenient with bagel and control function
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Commercial toaster from Hamilton Beach has a very lightweight and compact design Proctor Silex model with brushed chrome interior with a silver finish to be a great addition for any themed kitchen for the home or business place. This has a 1-year part and labor warranty to feel safe investment for this purchase. For your home and commercial space use, this has NSF approved and UL commercial standard approval to use this confidently for your living space.

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It has long-life ribbon heating elements and an automatic toast boost to make it comfortable for your daily basis use. To allow perfect browning with superb heat control this makes it amazing for restaurant, hotel, and home uses. Along with 1.5-inch extra-wide slots and bread centering guide to toast bagels, waffles, and artisan bread.While the setting on the toasting dial can adjust light medium and dark toast to fit your requirements.

As excellent incorporation, this has 2 front crumb trays that are slid out which is greatly supportive to access and clean the toaster. The bagel function is efficient for cutting the side and warms the outside of the bagel to offer personalized needs. While the cancel button works to stop toasting immediately per your need. The durable structure and knob operation of the unit prove this safe and convenient for anyone. For 80-150 pieces of toast, this will take only 1 hour with a higher volume of toast.

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Why we picked it

  • Rust-resistant brushed chrome housing
  • Designed with the thicker heating element
  • Provide perfect browning performance
  • Able to perform speedy action

4. 4 Slice Toaster, Long Slot Best Rated Primes

4 Slice Toaster

Key features

  • Offer 7 browning setting
  • The LCD screen shows the remaining time
  • Removal crumb tray
  • Designed with 4 basic functions
  • Have automatic pop up feature
  • Build-in bagel function

All you have a great fantasy about modern and gorgeous looking commercial toasters and LOFTER keeps your demand in mind and made this from stainless steel with a side control panel. With the 7-setting baking gear, you can get your toast light to dark brown with 1 to 7 picking settings per your preference only rotating the knob. The removal tray at the bottom of the toaster help to clean the crumbs quickly. And the LCD screen helps to show the remaining time of your toast getting ready.

This toaster comes with four basic functions such as bagel, defrost, reheat and cancel to offer versatile uses of this kitchen gadget. With the 1.6 inches wide slot this is can work with 4 slices of bread no matter whether it is waffles or thick artisanal. To offer unparalleled convenience to use this unit these have an automatic pop-up function when your food is ready per your settings. To offer a more clean look after using this you can manage the cord by wrapping it underneath the toaster.

If you are very conscious about safety and reliable option to pick for your home you can rely on this unit which has ETL certification for optimum safety. Furthermore, this also has anti overheat protection with anti-leakage protection upgrade to ensure higher security when you are busy with this prep breakfast for your family. When this is built with a high-end and multi-hole design on the button for faster cooling speed you can consider this risk-free purchase.

Why we picked it

  • Attractive design for home kitchen
  • Lifetime 24 hours customer service
  • Featured with intelligent safety protection
  • Certified by ETL

5. Waring WCT708 Commercial 4 Slice Toaster

Waring WCT708

Key features

  • Easy to control with a knob
  • Extra wider slots with 1 ⅜ inch 
  • Two removal crumb trays
  • Great with bagels and thick bread
  • Separate electronic browning control for pairs
  • Have four self-centering bread racks

Waring commercial  4 slice toasters are medium-duty units have dual control separated for setting the browning level for each pair of slots. Though it is a medium-duty gadget, you can get up to 225 pieces of toast every hour which can be the ideal choice for a hostel and restaurant. For perfect bagel and sliced bread this cal ultra-wide slots with 1 ⅜ x 5 ½ inches. For your big family or small business plan, this could be a great choice.

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To run the unit it needs 1800W and 120 volts. When the electrical browning control won’t disappoint you to give the best color for your toast. Plus this also has four self-centering bread racks which help to keep the bread on the perfect level for toasting for the best result of browning. The removal crumb of the unit effectively cleans without wasting lots of time and energy.

Moreover, the toaster has been tested and meets the safety standard imposed by the UL and NSF which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment. This has a durable chrome steel exterior which can be active for years used. On the contrary, the bright finish will make it cay catchy for your kitchen countertop. This pop-up toaster comes with a one-year warranty to make their customer satisfied and carefree about their purchase.

Why we picked it

  • Approved by UL, CUL, and NSF
  • Brushed stainless steel housing
  • Backed with a one-year warranty
  • Toasts up to 225 slices per hour

6. Hatco TPT-120 Commercial Pop Up Toaster

Hatco TPT-120

Key features

  • Designed for restaurant and home uses
  • Large controls for continence
  • Removal crumbs for easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel exterior ensures durability 
  • Look aesthetic in kitchen countertop
  • Works with 3 prong plug design

The TPT -120 pop-up toaster from Hatco is out next up picking for best commercial toasters which can toast evenly various types of bread including bagels, waffles, English muffins, and Texas toast with different colors and individual browning control. This is designed with 4 self-centering 1.25-inch wide slots to meet your daily need. It has durable stainless steel construction ready to go for a couple of years even with low maintenance.

Keeping your kitchen and toaster clean has the removal of crumb try even after you are using it frequently per a day wily you are choosing this for home use or occasional toasting, low profile restaurant, and so on. Yet it can toast 220 slices per hour to make satisfy its user. For being a safety appliance for your family kitchen or commercial place this meets UL and CUL tests and is certified for safety choice for people, the environment, and so on.

This is an excellent toaster that has a gloss finish to attract any guest easily. Furthermore, this is available in two colors such as bold black and radiant red which will match easily your kitchen decoration. It can toast faster with evenly heating. As a reliable kitchen addition, you won’t regret your purchase with this design, performance, and durability.

Why we picked it

  • Evenly and faster toasting
  • Very versatile for daily needs
  • Deliver consistent result 
  • Certified by UL/CUL

7. Waring (WCT708) Four-Compartment Pop-Up Toaster

Waring WCT708

Key features

  • Extra-wide slots for bagels
  • Can toast 225 slices per hour
  • Effortless cleaning with removal crumb tray
  • Self-centering bread rack
  • Durable steel brushed materials
  • Robust and long-lasting

Some of you really love to have a powerful toaster you should consider Waring (WCT708) pop-up toaster which has 4 compartments with an 1800 power ratio to be effective for different types of bread products. While the certification of UL, CUL, and NSF helps to rely on this product to add to your kitchen. This is designed for big family occasional serving or low profile restaurants while this is able to toast 225 slices per hour though it is a medium-duty cooking gadget.

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To ensure a preferable browning level this has electronic browning control with 6 individual settings from light to dark. For being most dependable on this their extra-wide 1 ⅜ inch slots accommodate most popular bread types like a bagel, muffins, and so on.As your break is stable for perfectly browning this has a self-centering rack for each slot.

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With durable brushed steel material it gets constructed and the silver finish with this toaster makes it beautiful for your kitchen setting. The removal of the crumb tray makes it low maintenance for a busy kitchen. And as a lightweight cooking tool, it won’t be very difficult to carry this for your breakfast prep. There is dual control for each pair of slots from those you can toast different toast types with different colors. Well-made feet help to sit the toaster very stable on the countertop when the toaster is working.

Why we picked it

  • Have 1800W powerful rating
  • Approved by UL, CUL, and NSF
  • Limited 1-year warranty 
  • Dual electric browning control

8. VEVOR Commercial Conveyor Toaster

VEVOR Commercial Conveyor Toaster

Key features

  • Toasts up to 150 PCS in an hour
  • Equipped with heat emission holes
  • Removal of crumb tray for easy cleaning
  • Offers 3 different toasting
  • Adjustable conveyed spread
  • Designed with 7 bread colors

If your commercial kitchen needs another level of fantastic toaster out recommendation is always VEVOR Commercial Conveyor which is designed for multifunctions.No matter you are taking prep of traditional white slices to hearty, wheat bagel halves, buns, donuts and so this is a workhorse piece during the busiest time throughout the day for your café, coffee shop with 150 slices per hours as high efficiency tagged one.

To use the toaster conveniently this has a pull-out crumb tray for easy cleaning. The most interesting fact about this taster will overwhelm you with 7 bread color choices and 3 level toasting modes to offer the best taste and look for your toast. Thus, easy operation of the unit helps to operate anyone both experienced and non-experienced. For ultimate safety, this has heat dissipation.

The construction of the toaster is reliable with premium quality food-grade stainless steel to prove this corrosion resistance, solid, and durable to use. Furthermore,304 stainless steel inside the chain net was adopted for safe, quick, smooth operation at the time of toasting. With the longer sturdy feet, this provides sup ream stability. It works with 1350W for fast and efficient performance in your restaurant and home kitchen.

Why we picked it

  • Solid and durable to use
  • Made of food-grade stainless steel
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Premium chain net adopted

9. 4 Slice Toaster, whall Stainless Steel

Slice Toaster

Key features

  • Dual independent control panel
  • Four extra-wide slots for most bread types
  • Indicator light display to notice machine activity 
  • Designed with 3 basic settings
  • Build-in trays for easy cleaning and removing
  • Adjustable gear with 6 color  settings

A nutritious breakfast can make your day when you have a great toaster like WHALL 4 slots toaster which can be suitable for bread, waffle, toast, donut, and muffins. There are three basic functions defrost, bagel, and cancel to offer 8-12% longer each gear time than a normal one, a bagel setting offers toast inside while sides will be warm, and a cancel button to immediately stop all the process of toasting. With the 1.5 inches extra wider slots this could be a dependable unit for your restaurant, kitchen, and so on.

No matter whether your favorite toast color is light or dark, you can easily get them from six available settings with electronic control. Here are 3 or 4 levels for medium browning of the toast which is most favorite with butter and cheese. Cleaning of the unit is very simple when this has a build-in try which is also a removal design. The operation of this cooking gadget is very simple with a simple block and regulation design. Manual up/down activates the machine to go to the next level.

It’s getting a popular choice for durable stainless steel materials for ensuring long-termed secure use with high-temperature baking and wear resistance. On the contrary, this has been designed with the internal use of bidirectional surround heating technology to provide the desired color within only minutes of toast when the heat pipe two-way wound in the body works without turning over, unevenness baking of the toast.

Why we picked it

  • Ease of cleaning and storing
  • Featured with bread holding and centering device
  • Made with high-end durable stainless steel
  • Used bidirectional surround heating technology

10. Cuisinart CPT-180P1 Metal Classic 4-Slice toaster

Cuisinart CPT-180P1

Key features

  • BPA free and safe materials made
  • Used smooth brushed stainless steel for housing
  • Dual control panel for convenience
  • Slide-out crumb tray incorporation
  • Enough compact to fit small place
  • Instruction book included

Our last product for best commercial toasters is from Cuisinart, a most trusted brand to launch user-friendly and higher performance provider kitchen electronic toaster comes with 3 years of manufacturer warranty to maintain their year’s trust on them. They designed their product with an array of smart features to help same times and energy in your kitchen even if it is the busiest hour for your low profile restaurant, home, or café.

The classical culinary design of this toaster impresses you with a silver finish and the smooth brushed stainless housing. Along with durability, this will be the most attractive thing over your countertop. Also, this has metallic red and which colors choices to give priority to your choices and taste. This has a very compact and sleek appearance which is easily in any tight place. This comes with an instruction book to use the unit rightly. The LED indicator will instruct you on the activity of the gadget while you are inattentive.

The 4 slice toaster has 6 setting browning setting to meet your different needs of toast colors. The 1 ½ inch wider slot is reliable for most popular bread depending on your requirements. The unit has an extra lifted carriage lever to help you deliver toasted safely. There are four basic settings like-bagel, defrost, reheat and cancel to ensure optimum functionality. The slide-out crumb tray and convenient cord storage make it comfortable for any kitchen overly.

Why we picked it

  •  Limited 3 years warranty service
  • Allows 6 browning effect  
  • Designed with an extra lift carriage lever
  • Wider slots for standard bread

Buying guide of  commercial toasters

Except for toast, breakfast won’t be like what should be for most people. But the interruption of your toaster can ruin all the things you have planned for the morning. So you should be careful when you are buying a commercial toaster for your home or business settings. Several features like wider slots, heat control, wide uses, toasting time and another important factor should your outlook to make your purchase proven reliable up to your task.

Unit’s construction materials

The most commercial toaster will have stainless steel construction housing to go long lifespan even after frequent uses. Generally speaking, solid and durable construction can make you proud and tension-free with the investment.

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Heat control

Without heat control, you can not feel safe placing them in your kitchen. Most the toaster comes with adjustable operating heating temperature when you will find the best option among pop up. In this case, you can choose from one-sided toasting and bagels on the contrary to heating elements on the other side of the slot for double side toasting. This can affect on toasting time and overall performance of the unit.

Quantity and thickness of  bread

For a commercial toaster, you should consider the thickness of the bread and what actually you want to toast simultaneously. Most of the toaster comes with 2/4 slots. Depending on your need you can choose one while both types of the toaster come with an individual control knob to set the brightness and basic setting of the toast. Making your toaster flexible for different thicknesses of the bread you should choose one with wider slots. The newly designed commercial toaster has a self-centering stand for each slot with a wider dimension for perfect browning.

Defrost mode

Checking out the useful frozen bread baking mode after defrosting them is a convincing feature while you do not need to wait to be defrosting the bread separately. When you prefer to store bread in the freezer than at room temperature which usually makes them testier you shout to find out this feature for your new purchase to save your time and effort in finally.

Safety features

When you will buy this kitchen assistance for your home as a safety feature you should look down on child safety lock while you have kids in your home. Furthermore, try to place this in a place your kid can’t reach. At the time of baking, it lifts which can attack kids for their personal experiments. 

Lift-up feature

Basically, we all love commercial toasters for their powerful performance and easy to use. To ensure safe operation lift-up feature is essential to toast bread, donut, waffle, and English muffins. With the uplifting mode of the toaster, you can use this for various dishes comfortably.

Ease of cleaning

The most commercial toaster comes with a removal tray for making this effortless to clean the breadcrumbs. Our top picks chosen products have build-in trays which are also removed to hold the bread and maintain the unit perfectly.

Design and size of a toaster

Usually, the model commercial toaster comes in a sleek and compact size. But there is a hundred design in different sizes. Up to your personal need, you can choose one simple design in a minimalistic style which easily will be a bright spot in your kitchen. You will get them in various colors including red, white, and other bright colors. Besides this choose a small, mini, or standard one depending on your kitchen space.

Adjustability of settings

If you already researched various commercial toasters you will get most of the toaster comes with 6-8 browning color adjustability conveniently from very light to dark. With some basic settings, you will get the exact taste of toast that you’re expecting from your commercial toaster.

Frequently asked a question about  commercial toasters

Nothing can be a helpful thing to use an appliance with needed knowledge about that and the best commercial toasters are not different from all of them. If you are well known for the best brands, models, prices, needed features, and so on. We are here all-rounded here the frequently asked question from various websites to make you satisfied with your queries. Before purchasing one for your kitchen, you should know about them from this session. 

Why should you need a commercial toaster?

A commercial toaster is specially designed for heavy-duty as constant use for everyday breakfast prep for a large family or small restaurant, café or hotel while these are able to toast 150-250 pieces every hour. Where you can not use a domestic toaster, yet a toaster is not essential commercial toaster is great for those situations. For multifunctional as a muffin to donuts, you can trust them for their higher level of performance.

Which is the best one or a double-sided cooking toaster?

Simply, you should notice the purpose of buying your toaster. If you focus only on bread toasting you can purchase the either-sided baking machine. On the contrary, if you want to toast crumpet or bagel one-sided toasting will be efficient for you. Recently designed commercial toaster have adjustable browning and bagel basic setting for this cooking recipes.

What is the best commercial toaster?

Our presented list has a top-picked item from Amazon with a surprising customer rating. Here we enlisted all 4 wider slots toaster which can be versatile for various types of bread products. We picked them from Hamilton Beach, Cusibox, Lofter, Waring, TPT, Vevor, and Cuisinart which have various periodical warranties and user-friendly features like removal trays, dual control panel, adjustable browning level, self-centering slots, and so on. While the choice is yours to pick the very best option for your requirements.

How much wattage is reliable for a commercial toaster?

With a powerful rating of wattage, this unit offers dependable performance. The different manufacturer designed their product with various Wattages Like Waring modeled with 1800W and Hamilton beach 1650 and so. In this addition, we suggest going with 1300-188W as high power for this kitchen tool.

Why UL, CUL, NSF, and ETL certification is needed for your commercial toaster?

These are the organization that set various tests for any home appliance for their quality of making a higher level of performance and safe machine for humans and environments. If your toaster and other home appliances pass these tests, that means you can rely on them for your safe experience with the unit. So checking out the certifications of these organizations is essential for your taster too.


We hope our article titled best commercial toasters obviously helps you find your best commercial toasters with higher performance and the best-featured option which you want to reach and here spend your valuable time. We put tougher here all the appliance which is recommended by most the chef for their home or restaurant kitchen. Average of the picks have good speed of making toast which won’t fell you hurry in your busiest kitchen hour.

And we are ensuring that you won’t disappoint with your purchase even if you are picking this for heavy use. The list we attacher here we made this with a great blending of elegance looking, reasonable price, and reliable performance for the individual user.

Now, it is time to grab the right one confidently. Yet you want to compare the top piked option study our buying guide which won’t let you won’t way in anyways. Thank you for this our writing!

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