10 Best Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven Reviews in 2022

Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven


To satisfy with perfectly cooked food at a fairly affordable price and good-looking appliance best Hamilton Beach toaster oven is always recommended. Without spending lots of time in the kitchen, you can eat delicious food with this efficient cooking solution. These are well known for being easy to access with low maintenance.

Hamilton Beach toaster oven comes with unique features for each model within various budgets. When you are one who loves to host parties frequently for holiday celebrations, you should have the best oven to make different meals without any interruption. It is already proven then that the Hamilton Beach toaster oven can make ended your frustration in the kitchen.

However, we will present here various models with stunning features among the hunt reads of Hamilton beach. With a buying guide which consists of several features which should consider before purchasing very best for you. Read the writing carefully to know about the best Hamilton Beach toaster oven that has a top rating and experienced recommendations.

 Our top picks

As a better-looking device with a user-friendly design, you can prepare bread toast bake pizza even broil with lots of desert items Hamilton Beach toaster ovens are always dependable. But the available model can make you configure. In this edition, we put together here 10 best Hamilton Beach toaster ovens that can offer you the best cooking result with the least time and effort even with a single unit as a toaster and oven.

1. Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 Countertop Oven and Long Slot Toaster

Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 Countertop

Key features

  • Space-saving and modern design 
  • 2 in 1 combination oven and toaster
  • Works 40% faster with evenly cooked
  • Spacious and compact looking
  • Comes with lots of accessories
  • Stainless steel construction

When you are out of space you can consider this 2-1 countertop oven and long slot toaster as a combo pack that won’t take more space for the individual cooking gadget. It has stainless steel construct to meet your various need without making it damage or losing attractiveness even after daily use. This has three colors as stainless steel, black and red to offer the most beautiful one for your kitchen settings. To run this needs 1450 Wattage as the most powerful one.                                                                          

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It is designed with an extra-wide toast slot that fits bagels and artisan bread to serve your favorite meat throughout the day. In one unit you can bake, broil, and toast functions which are able to make your kitchen task faster and effortless. You can choose the oven or toast machine to swipe the build-in switch. While you can set toast brightness with the knob to get your most expected shade of bread. This toaster can toast the bread up to 40% faster and evenly than available models from different brands.

On the contrary, the oven has enough space where you can fit 9-inch pizza perfectly. Plus, you can add here two racks comfortably. You will enjoy 60 minutes timer with auto shuts off. With this, you can cook safely without burning worry of them. As this can bring your whole set of baking, this comes with a baking pan, rack, and removal crumb tray which are useful to clean the entire unit with the least effort.

Why we picked it

  • Extra-wide toast slots for various bread
  • Adjustable toast shade 
  • 60 mins timer setting & auto shut off
  • Designed for baking broil and toast

2. Hamilton Beach 6-Slice Countertop Toaster

Hamilton Beach 6-Slice

Key features

  • Roll-top door design 
  • Front access crumb tray
  • 30 mins timer with auto shut off
  • Optional stay-on setting
  • Spacious interior
  • Bake pan included

For the list of best Hamilton Beach toaster oven 6 slice countertop toaster ovens is loaded with convenience for the user which is also an Amazon choice item to make you more satisfied with your pick. In this unit, you will get a roll-top door that can move up and down which offers inbound convenience to easy access to the food safe while you are cooking or removing the food from the unit. No matter if it works with crispy toast, broiled, or roasted vegetables you can rely on this.

Also, the spacious interior is great for two rack positions great for 6 slices of toast or 12-inch pizza with a 9x 11-inch bake pan. While you can make a variety of foods by baking, broiling, and toasting. Cleaning of the unit is very simple with the unique design of the door whether it is messy spills or drips conveniently. This also has a front access crumb tray that easily can be moved for cleaning this.

Contoured knobs make it easy to use. This stainless steel toaster comes with 30 mins timer setting and auto shut off with an optional stay-on setting to cook food care freely even going out of home without the tension of burning yet rightly cooked food. For effortless operation, this has well-written functional instruction around the knobs. In the package of this toaster oven, you will get a baking pan and bake rack to offer a full set of cooking at the same price.

Why we picked it

  • Very easy to clean & maintain
  • Flexible and energy efficient
  • Comes with 2 rack positions 
  • Easy turn contoured knob design

3. Hamilton Beach Digital Countertop Toaster Oven

Hamilton Countertop Toaster

Key features

  • Wider interior to make various food
  • Offer toast, bake and broil setting 
  • Auto shutoff and 30 mins timer setting
  • Energy-efficient up to 75%
  • Cooks 25% faster and evenly
  • Included bake and broil pan

Are you looking for a classical design of a toaster oven for your kitchen decoration without compromising functionality? You can consider the Hamilton Beach counter toaster oven and Pizza maker which won’t disappoint you with its elegant looking and incredible performance with a reasonable price tag. Furthermore, it won’t take up so much space on your countertop while can do everything as a larger one. In your busy lifestyle, this could be efficient and convenient.

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For 4 slices of toast and a 9-inch pizza, this is a superior choice for your small kitchen. With this single appliance, you can toast, bake and broil. To save your energy and time this has been designed with  75 percent less energy and a 28 percent faster cooking system for your busy cooking kitchen. With its capacity you can cook a few cookies, a small amount of lasagna, or turkeys comfortably some cookies without wasting lots of energy when it eliminates the need to heat unnecessary space.

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Varieties of food items need different temperatures for evenly cooking or deliciously textured. And with this unit, you can easily from 159degree F to 450 degrees F. More conveniently this is designed with 30 mins timer, auto shutoff, and a ready bell as you can do various tasks during your cooking time and even in your emergency outdoor tasks. The attractive design of the unit will be versatile and accurate to meet your and the demands of a kitchen.

Why we picked it

  • Attractive classical design
  • Compact and small
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Super easy to clean and use

4. Hamilton Beach Countertop Rotisserie Convection Toaster Oven

Hamilton Beach Countertop

Key features

  • Unique contoured knobs
  • Allow convection, broil and bake setting
  • Cooks faster and evenly
  • Comes with lots of accessories
  • Designed with convection technology
  • Includes rotisserie for the most versatility

Your kitchen needs more versatile functionality when you want to keep your kitchen simple you should pick the Hamilton beach countertop rotisserie convection toaster oven. This comes with lots of things to get a ready kitchen for baking and Rotisserie 

such as a removable drip tray, Rotisserie skewer and lifter,2 racks,2 baking pans, and a broiler rack to save your extra cost for kitchen tasks.While this included accessory is essential for making various foods to meet daily and occasional foods cooking.

Along with the extra-large capacity of the unit, you can fit two 12 inches pizzas, two 9x 13-inch casseroles, and two cake pans to offer a large batch of food for your invited guest for a birthday party, Christmas, or weekend party food prep. With 1500 wattage power and convection featured this can cook your food evenly and faster than traditional oven choices. This has contoured knobs to make this easier and safer use for the user.

This toaster oven is designed with a revolving rotisserie which can give your food perfectness in flavor and juices inner with a great combination of brown and crispy outside the dish even with 5 Ib. roast in a single batch. You can choose a 10-120 mins timer setting to get a personalized taste and texture dish. Furthermore, the temperature setting of the unit won’t overwhelm you with any types of foods. With stainless steel appearance easily fits any kitchen decoration.

Why we picked it

  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Easy to use 
  • Temperature adjustability
  • Timer with auto shut off and optional stay on

5. Hamilton Beach 31344D Easy Reach With Roll-Top Door Toaster

Hamilton Beach 31344D

Key features

  • Roll-top door design
  • Front access crumb tray
  • Removal glass door
  • Won’t take up lots of space on the countertop
  • Spacious interior
  • 2 rack positions

Hamilton Beach Easy Reach with roll top door offers tons of convenience to access food without making dirty the door and surface.No matter if you are hurried but there are no possibilities of slippage. While the removal of the glass door will be helpful to clean the entire unit’s interior and door. The silver finish with stainless steel construction provides eye catchy look to match your room decoration.

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With the 8.87x 16.12×11.93 inch dimension of the toaster oven for all the tasks which need individual kitchen tools. But with this, you can bake, broil, and toast to meet your daily breakfast of occasional preparation without taking lots of time or energy. This is designed with a faster cooking system with temperature adjustability. Timer and 3 basic settings will assist you as an experienced hand in a busy kitchen. The front access crumb won’t make easy maintenance when you are cooking or cleaning.

It depends on 1200 Wattage to run the unit. It comes with a baking pan to help you start cooking instantly with the new unit. For the best support, this has a spacious interior where you can fit 9-inch pizza and 2 rack positions to prove this is more functional and what actually you want in your kitchen. Like most of the Hamilton beach toasters, this featured 30 mins timer with auto-shutoff for your food won’t overcook or burn accidentally.

Why we picked it

  • 30 mins timer with auto shuts off
  • Cooking controls
  • Easy access to food
  • The great value of the price

6. Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster Oven

Hamilton Beach Countertop

Key features

  • Included bake pan
  • Extra-wide interior capacity
  • Have conviction setting
  • Faster cooking
  • Removal crumb tray
  • High rated popular choice

Here is another model from Hamilton beach Easy Reach with an extra-large capacity. This has two amazing color choices- silver and gray which will attract you at a very glance among most top picks. The accent pewter won’t make you bored even after a couple of constant uses for your everyday kitchen purposes. You can bake, toast and broil with a single kitchen appliance without wasting more money on the different tools and blocking countertop precious space.

If you are particular with the multi-functionality of your toaster it has enough interior space to fit 6 slices of toast, a 12 inches pizza, and a 9 x 11-inch bake pan to cook all the food items in this cooking unit which could be enough for a small size weekend party and any times of throughout the day food making. This has roll-top door moves which can be moved up and out of the way to help you easy and safe access to the unit at the time of cooking and serving foods.

The easy-reach door will help you to clean the door effortlessly and lessen the possibilities of the messy spill and drip surface of the toaster oven. Along with the 4 most convenient features- convection, bake, broil and toast you won’t be restless in your kitchen to make various delicious and fresh food items perfectly. This is able to cook food evenly and faster. This comes with contoured knobs as the new design for easy maneuvering while you are taking preparation,

Why we picked it

  • Featured with roll top door
  • Multifunctional for kitchen tasks
  • Simple to clean and easy
  • Available in two colors

7. Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Countertop Toaster Oven

Hamilton Beach Easy Reach

Key features

  • Easy to fit and access small countertop
  • 30 mins timer 
  • Vibrant color
  • Easy to clean with removal door
  • Bake pan included
  • Offers 2 rack positions

While you want to add a more stylish and unique kitchen tool with gorgeous color than the stereotype this pick for the best Hamilton Beach toaster oven of course makes you happy with the look and convenience. Easy reach countertop toaster oven has a roll-top door which will be helpful in easy access to food to adding things or place and out without taking a large amount of space in front of the unit.

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Nothing to worry about cooking the different foods with a single unit while this could be efficient for bake, broil, and toast purposes. Cleaning of the unit is very simple while the door won’t come on the way which can reduce the possibility of being messy with spills and drips. To start cooking instantly your favorite baking food item comes with a baking pan and two racks positions which also saves your money from buying these accessories.

This is suitable for 9-inch pizza placement or 4 slice toast into the larger interior. Making various types of food from snake to side dishes fills your daily or occasional need it won’t be the wrong choice in any choices. Featuring 30 mins timer and auto shut off with an optional stay-on setting allows the most practical features to make the balance of food taste and convenience of having this cooking machine. Removal door and front access crumb tray feel you comfortable during the cleaning periods.

Why we picked it

  • Easy dial operation
  • Auto shuts off and optional stay-on setting
  • Three cooking  
  • Front access crumb tray

8. Hamilton Beach Countertop Convection Toaster Oven

Hamilton Beach

Key features

  • Offers toast, bake and broil setting
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Large capacity for a 12-inch pizza
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Designed with the separation function selector
  • 30 mins timer with a ready bell

Nobody wants to get into hassle with a very small kitchen unit, which can be a problem with a small interior for various food cooking. And Hamilton Beach Countertop Convection Toaster Oven has toast, bake, broil, and convection. The convection setting is reliable to experience you evenly and 25% faster cooking than before. With the temperature setting from 150 °F-450 °F without any tension of uncooked or heavy cooked food, even if you are not enough experienced in cooking.

The large capacity of this unit can be suitable for a 12-inch pizza, broil hamburgers, and up to  6 pieces of toast in a single batch. With the bake mode, you can have delicious cake and desserts according to your guest and personal choice. Using of this unit is very simple intuitive controls while a separation function selector offers 4 settings per your needs. This has a stable dial between the stay-on setting and 30 minutes of cooking time with a ready bell to feel safer.

So once you set the timer you can go to another cleaning task tension freely. To make you more satisfied, this can bake food with up to 70% less energy consumption than the regular oven. Cleaning of the gadget is very simple when this comes with a front removal crumb tray that slides out without the crumbs sliding back in the toaster oven. When this has a contoured knob that helps it to easily turn and grip.

Why we picked it

  • Convention cooks very well
  • Good value of price
  • Stay on setting available
  • Use up to 72% less electricity

9. Hamilton Beach Toastation Oven with 2 Slice Toaster

Hamilton Beach Toastation Oven

Key features

  • Extra-wide top bread slot
  • Designed with bread lifter pressed and stay down firmly
  • Toast shade selector
  • Comes with a durable baking pan
  • Drop-down crumb trays
  • Removal of oven rack slides

Different wider slots for two slides of bread, English muffins, or bagels bring Hamilton Beach Toastation Oven in the customer’s choice list for toast or another tasty food item. This is designed with individual knobs for toast shade selection are you can get various toast types to taste with this multifunctional unit. In your double cooking unit, you will experience 30 percent faster cooking than any conventional oven.

With the oven temperature dial, you can set your needed temperature per your food type. Specification of bread lifter presses and stays down firmly to complete the cooking of the toast offer safe and unparalleled convenience with this unit. Which cooking section do you want to active oven or toaster choose one from the mode selector that can easily switch from toaster to oven to meet your needs. There are on/off buttons with auto-shutoff functionality a setting for keeping safe conditions when it is not used.

Keeping clean of the unit won’t be very hassled when this comes with a drop-down crumb tray that can catch any mess and pull out to effortless cleaning. You can’t go with a small and non-efficient cooking appliance with money when removal rack slides can hold two great size pizza or baking pan which comes to this package for baking various favorite dishes. In the package, you will get an elaborate user manual that helps you to understand the various setting of this unit clearly.

Why we picked it

  • Cooks food 30 percent faster with evenly
  • Auto shut offsetting
  • Versatile cooking appliance
  • Can control the temperature with a knob

10. Hamilton Beach 4-Slice Countertop Toaster Oven

Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster

Key features

  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Adjustable temperature from 150-450 degrees F
  • Specialized bagel function
  • 30 mins timer with auto-shutoff
  • Included lots of accessories 
  • Two rack positions

More functions in the cooking unit allow more convince and the Hamilton Batch countertop toaster and oven are designed on this motto with 5 individual functions-broil, toast, bake, bagel and keep warm. While it is all about kitchen tasks within a unit.As you will enjoy the mouthwatering taste of all kinds of food without considering overall functions. With the three control knob, you can set any personalized food setting with this cooking machine.

It comes with an oven rack, bakes pan, and slide-out crumb tray to offer the handiest kitchen unit for your busy days to prepare a lot of dishes with a single hand without making kitchen mess and confiding you in the kitchen throughout the day. To ensure a safe cooking experience with the best taste of food this is designed with 30 mins cooking timer with auto-shutoff and optional stay-on setting for not to make you determined with the kitchen when the unit is running.

Especially when you want to cook food faster and evenly, this could reheat the  26% faster and uses 76% less energy to cook. With the 150 to 450-degree F temperature adjustability, you will feel more relaxed with different types of foods while these need varied temperatures. This has 4 slices of toast and a 9-inch pizza capacity. The stainless steel exteriors ensure long-lasting durability for years of everyday use.

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Why we picked it

  • Saves time and energy
  • Easy turn design with knob control
  • Have keep warm setting 
  • Impressive and handy design

Buying Guide of  Hamilton Beach toaster oven

If you want to make your purchase efficient you will need an experienced guide, and we will provide a buying guide with that you won’t go any wrong even among thousands of options. A toaster oven is a versatile kitchen addition that can replace various cooking machines such as microwaves, toasters, and conventional ovens. They can easily match your kitchen decor with various colors, styles, and sizes. They are fast and easy to use. Read the information to reach the very best  Hamilton Beach toaster oven with the least effort.


In modern homes’ kitchens have a small space, and you meet adjust with fixed counter space. In this case, you can choose a toaster oven that can perform multitasking yet without taking up so much counter space. These come with various sixes while you should consider first what quantities would want to cook as bread slices, and pizzas dimensions depending on your need.


A toaster oven is blended with a range of functions including toast, broil, and bake. Although some Hamilton Beach toaster ovens featured convection, rotisserie, and keep warm to allow you more convenience. Depending on your need you can choose one with your required functionality. Temperature control is another vital feature to consider before purchasing one.

Auto shutoff and timer setting

At present all the Hamilton Beach toaster ovens are designed with auto-shutoff and timer setting to feel secure during the cooking time and after. To ensure shutoff the unit is shut odd feature is essential. With the 30-60 minutes timer setting you can cook various food items with a fixed time setting.

Quality and safety

You have to pay for a standard quality toaster oven which can go a number of years use. If you purchase a lower-end toaster you will experience damages and interruption very soon after purchase in performance. To get rid of this unwanted situation grab the high-end quality one to confirm the best performance. With reliable materials’ construction, this won’t hot even in long time activity of the unit.


Depending on their features addition toaster oven is tagged differently. If you are well known about the purpose and functionality choose the most efficient one. Here in this article, we attached a top pick with 10 products with reasonable prices with higher construction around $40-$70 with the most convincing features for your smart and busy kitchen.


While Hamilton Beach toaster oven comes with an easy control system with rotary control panel. Most of them have temperature control, recipe setting, and timer functionally. Some of them have contoured knobs which makes the knob ergonomic and grip design. Auto shutoff design makes them easy to control with any kind of food even if you are busy.

Included accessories

Every Hamilton Beach toaster oven comes with various accessories to make the unit instantly ready to cook your different foods. Baking pan, pizza rack, slide-out crumb tray, and other essential things you can get with this. Thou this can affect the price of the unit overly, you can know about the detailed package of your toaster oven before purchasing anything.

Frequently asked questions about  Hamilton Beach toaster oven

Hamilton Beach is a trustworthy brand undoubtedly yet the toaster oven also has amazing products for purchase. There are several questions that need a clear answer for ensuring the best performance of this unit. We put together the most researched questions to offer clear knowledge about them. Including turn on, cleaning process and most important features will help you to be satisfied with your investment. Find the questions and answers which you want to know:

How to clean Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven?

Most of the  Hamilton beach comes with a slide-out crumb tray to make the cleaning process easier and time-saving. But if you want to deep clean your unit at the very first you should disconnect the oven from the power source. Take out all re-removal parts and clean them with soapy water and let them dry. to clean the interior use damp clothes and wipe them perfectly except for the heating elements. If your Hamilton Beach toaster oven has a top roll out or removal door you can clean them faster and efficiently.

How long should I preheat my  Hamilton Beach toaster oven

 For good texture and taste of your snakes and other food item, the Hamilton Beach toaster oven needs preheating in most cases. To do this you need to set a 400 degrees F temperature and wait for 5-10 mins which will be enough to go next level.

Is  Hamilton Beach designed any model with a convection cooking option?

Yes. Hamilton Beach designed several high-end toaster ovens which follow this system to the food faster and event with dry atmosphere creation. These types of ovens can work at low temperatures to make them more energy-efficient than the regular oven options.

What type of baking dish I should use in my toaster oven?

The most brand recommends using a metal tray. You can also use glassware from reliable brands. In this case, you would read the manufactured instruction before any experiment. Our top pick comes with a baking pan and tries which you can consider for your next without any dilemma.

Are toaster ovens energy efficient?

Yes. They can save electricity than most common types of ovens. While Hamilton beach toaster works with  1000-1800 wattage on average on the contrary conventional type will consume 2500-5000 watts. In long run, you can save a good amount on electric bills with a toaster oven which also can be multi-functional for your kitchen.


A single device that can offer multiple functionalities must be a handy item for your kitchen tasks.in this situation, the best Hamilton Beach toaster oven is a small and compact choice that is easy to use for a couple of years uses. We hope our writing must be helpful for you on the way to finding the best choices for your next purchase.

Yeah, Hamilton Beach toaster ovens are the best ones for any kitchen. To prepare snacks and meals in your kitchen easily and quickly, with be great for you. To save your Kitchen space, our suggested toaster ovens are highly functional. We received them with highlighted features to make them more vivid for you.

Now pick one from here and match it with buying guide to prove your purchase is the most efficient one with long-lasting performance and excellent features.

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