10 Best Cutting Board Sets Reviews and Buying Guide for 2022

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Maybe you don’t want to invest your money in any cutting board which will be broken down over several days. But the best cutting board sets can serve a couple of years with zero or less maintenance. A kitchen is all about chopping, cutting, dicing, and carving meat which is impossible without a quality cutting board. If you have different sizes, one set noting can be convenient: cut fruit, vegetable, meat, and others in the food prep session.

To get the best option, you need to consider the board’s hard and perfectly flat surface, safe and dependable materials that won’t grow bacterial or odorless after years. A higher level of stability, drip deep groves and handle featured or incorporation finally helps to get the right option for your needs.

Literally speaking,  finding the best cutting board sets won’t be easy among different materials, brands, designs, and prices. While you are reading this article we are assuring that after reading you will be enough learning about the top picked cutting boars with the specification which makes you capable to go details comparison as won’t regret it after purchase.

Our Top Picks

No matter whether you are cutting turkey or tomatoes, your cutting board should be dependable and accurate for the very sharp knife. When you have the best cutting board sets you can use more than one the size of the cutting board. We have put together after spending up to 76 hours a list of the best cutting board sets that included plastic and wood made with supreme durability and excellent looking which will be a functional and stylish addition to your kitchen. You should check out them.

1. HOMWE Kitchen Cutting Board

HOMWE Kitchen Cutting Board

Key features

  • Build-in juice grooves
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-slip handle
  • BPA free and durable construction
  • Heavy duty and thicker design
  • Won’t damage your sharp knife

When we narrow down our list, we make a mind to start the review of the best cutting board sets to introduce a great quality three different sizes from HOMWE to meet different purposes such as chop, scrape dice, and so on. The big, medium and small cutting board will match meat to big-sized vegetables or stubborn cheese. Yet these sizes easily fit any dishwasher to clean all mess.

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The deep grooves collect the sticky meat and messy vegetable juices to offer a clean and fresh kitchen countertop. These cutting boards are well-made with thick and heavy-duty plastic which is safe and durable to go a couple of years without any maintenance. This also has a non-porous and ultra-strong cutting surface that won’t damage, or this can make a stain on the cutting your kitchen knife even after regular meal prep of years.

A perfect cutting board should have good stability to support you firmly. To do this task these cutting board set has non-slip rubber edges which can suit your different types of countertop. This reversible cutting board has a non-slip handle to carry this in kitchen areas. While this has double-sided use, this will go more than you expected. Sometimes you may be disappointed with the plastic-made cutting board smell with comes after long teamed you, but with this set, you need not worry about this.

Why we picked it

  • 3 pieces of smart value
  • Last to a long time
  • Easy to clean
  • Come in the perfect size for daily chores

2. Bamboo Cutting Board Set with Juice Groove

Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Key features

  • Gentle to the knives
  • Higher thickness with longevity
  • Spacious and attractive
  • Extremely durable with 100% bamboo
  • Multipurpose uses 
  • Handcrafted premium design

Royal Craft Wood has chosen bamboo wood as reliable property for crafting this attractive set of cutting boards. As a dependable natural element, this wood is more sustainable than plastic or hardwood. Which are made from hardwood need a good deal of maintenance and plastic made can be discolored, and early damaged. This has 2 in 1 reversible design to offer you both side cutting surfaces to make them more functional.

We liked their build inside handles which will the cutting carry to introduce this as a serving tray also. The premium quality material ensures water resistance and cracks resistance to go years of use. Handcrafted and natural finish makes it attractive for your kitchen decoration whatever you have chosen or want to pick further. The built-in juice grooves could help you to keep clean your counter or cook meat on the table without leaving any juice or oil over the table

The boards are thick and smooth surfaces that won’t make your knife dull in shortly. Because of having good weight this won’t slide or slip when you are busy cutting, slicing, or doing another kitchen task. There are the three most handy dimensions available to meet your different needs. The cleaning process of this set is very simple while they required only handwash with warm soapy water.

Why we picked it

  • Side handles for easy carry
  • Build-in drip grooves
  • Reversible cutting board
  • Water and crack resistance

3. Cutting Board Set for Kitchen

Cutting Board Set for Kitchen

Key features

  • Reversible design 
  • Made from BPA free and food safe 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Gentle with knives
  • Convenient size and weight
  • Doesn’t slip 

You can not underestimate the importance of a functional and stylish cutting board in your kitchen. Asian designed set of 3 rectangular cutting boards which have thin yet sturdy to withstand years uses.No matter your kitchen work is cutting meats, fruits or vegetable this could be the perfect choice for anywhere. If you used to clean your kitchen utensil with warm soapy water, thick-set must be perfect for you and is very easy to clean and maintain. Plus these are dishwasher friendly 

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Great sizes of the cutting boards easily fit in your small kitchen cabinet, and you can carry them outdoor for various needs. These come with a handle to be convenient to access and carry them from one place to another with food. For the practical design with double-sided use, this is more durable than you expected. This has unique look with color blending. You can get this set with the natural, black, and white color choice depending on your kitchen decor.

To be clear about this cutting board’s safe and healthy performance, you should know the material details of this set. Manufacturers choose BPA-free and food-safe plastic materials to construct this as your family ate hygiene and safe food every time. With the non-porous surface, this will be gentle on your knife. Those materials also help to make this strain-proof after a couple of years of use. For customer satisfaction, this has a 30days money-back warranty, if you are not convinced with their performance you and return this.

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Why we picked it

  • Comes with 30 days of money back 
  • Super easy to clean and use
  • Very attractive 
  • Thin yet sturdy

4. Gorilla Grip Oversized Cutting Board

Gorilla Grip Oversized Cutting Board

Key features

  • Offer 30% more capacity
  • Non-slip handles design
  • Crack, splinter, and peel proof
  • Reversible design to use both sides
  • Food safety materials made
  • Inexperience and good-looking

An array of color choices is available for the Gorilla Grip oversize cutting board set to offer you the most favorite one for your kitchen. These are heavy-duty which will the right choice for a home or commercial kitchen. The grip of the handle allows more protective handling to use and carry this from the kitchen to the serving table. The attractive design of the cutting board easily matches any serving dinner set. With the larger and thicker appearance, undoubtedly you will fall for this.

Non-only these cutting boards are sturdy and durable with plastic materials, but they are safe for your long-term use cooking prep. This board is designed with deep juice grooves to collect the juice leaves from meat, fruits, and vegetable to keep your countertop clean. You will get the difference between the before and present countertop state with these cutting boards in your kitchen. Furthermore, cleaning the cutting is easier with a dishwasher.

Double-sided use of this cutting board helps to get rid of the mingling of fruits and meets or vegetables cutting with angle side cutting board. If you are cutting large and hard vegetables or turkeys you need to put force on the board and increase the possibilities of slipping or sliding but when this has a slip-resistant rubber border you do not need to be careful when you are cutting. The smooth surface of the cutting takes care of your sharp knife edge.

Why we picked it

  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Extremely thick and durable
  • Designed with a durable rubber border
  • Build-in deep juice groves

5. SMIRLY Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Smirly Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Key features

  • Including utensil and board holder
  • Low maintenance and user-friendly
  • Ideal for chopping, cutting, and more
  • Make out of natural properties
  • Ergonomic side handles
  • Backed with a satisfaction warranty

SMIRLY packed these 4 set bamboos with 6 kitchen utensil sets and a cutting board holder to give a more organized kitchen and save money to purchase them separately. All the included gifts are made from wooden material so can also consider them as an investment for years of kitchen tasks. The cutting boards are crafted from superior quality bamboo wood to ensure extreme durability and strength for daily cutting tasks of meat, vegetable, and fruits perfectly.

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If you are thinking that a wooden made cutting board needs a good deal of maintenance you are completely wrong vehicle this wood won’t consume lots of liquors, so cleaning this won’t be hard, and you can use a long time with no maintenance. To remain these cutting in place on the countertop. These have non-skid grip edges. So cut turkey or broiler confident without any tension if slipping. 

These boards are featured with build-in deep grooves to store the juice of cutting ingredients and offer you a mess-free and spill-free countertop. The extended length of the cutting board will prefer sturdy and convenient to use and carry. Making out natural elements has a smooth surface of the cutting board that won’t blunt the knife even if you are using this every day. The non-porous design of the boat won’t bend, warp, crack or stage after long-termed uses.

Why we picked it

  • Non-porous design 
  • Worth of price
  • Build to last
  • Durable and elegance looking

6. Cutting Boards for Kitchen

Cutting Boards for Kitchen

Key features

  • Reversible design to use both sides 
  • A smooth surface won’t dull your knife
  • Convenient rubber handles 
  • Deep juice grooves
  • Crafted with a high-density plastic
  • Great sizes with perfect thickness

Our next set is Kikcoin which has a classical glow with a back and white combination in the list of the best cutting board. For any kitchen style, this will be an attractive and functional addition. These 3 sets of cutting boards have larger sizes than most of the common cutting boards available on the market. You can choose among extra-large, large or medium size cutting boards for meat, vegetable, and fruits depending on the food required.

Some people fear to take plastic-made cutting boards can culminate your food which will not be hygienic for your family member’s health. And these boards have BPA-free durable plastic construction and FDA approval while you can rely on them for long-lasting and efficient cutting performance. The appearance and reversible design of the cutting board makes it versatile as serving the purpose or cutting different things on a single cutting board.

A good plastic cutting board has good stability over any countertop which prevents slipping when you cut things with utmost pressure. That’s why this set has TPF which can absorb for and remain fixed on any smooth surface. All around build gloves will collect the extra juice from cutting things and keep your countertop spill-free. Clean the cutting board with the dishwasher within minutes. For your small kitchen, you can hang them with the handle hole.

Why we picked it

  • BPA free and FDA approved
  • All fits in the dishwasher
  • Lightweight yet robust
  • Cut and knick resistant

7. Bambüsi Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Bambüsi Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Key features

  • Bacteria and odor resistant
  • Set of 4 perfect size cutting board
  • Well build hand to carry and hang
  • Comes with knife friendly surface
  • Double-sided use design
  • Deep grooves to catch extra foods juice

Bambusi presented 4 sets of cutting boards that have organic Moso bamboo materials and natural bamboo color which could be a great recommendation for the busiest kitchen. When premium wood-made cutting woods are available at a reasonable price, you do not want to think about plastic and cheap hardwood choice. Even if you want to rest your cooked turkey or other favorite food, elegant looking cutting board will be a dependable serving tray for any dining table arrangements.

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There is one very large for cutting a heavy piece of meat or watermelon types fruit, a large cutting board for daily cooking prep, a medium one great for standard size veggies and fruit cutting and slicing, and a small one really great to carry in camping or another outdoor slight task. These boards are accurate for needs in your kitchen task when the surface is scratch-resistant and this won’t culminate your food, and you will serve odorless healthy food for years.

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You should not need to worry about cleaning and maintaining when you are purchasing this. For new like cleaning this needs only warm soapy and several mild scrubbing. This st of a cutting board is designed with 4 factors that can make you more confident to buy this one for home or commercial kitchens such as safe properties, density, surprising durability, and unparalleled strength to the worth of every penny.

Why we picked it

  • Great customer service
  • Practical and amazing look
  • Thick and strong
  • Handcrafted premium design

8. Ligttle Plastic Cutting Board Set

Ligttle Plastic Cutting Board

Key features

  • Inexpensive
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Nonporous design
  • BPA free and eco-friendly
  • Well-balanced on countertop
  • Gentle on knives

One of the most noticeable features of this cutting board set is easy and effortless cleaning with quick-dry to ensure you more user-friendliness than wood-made options. Being dishwasher safe, you can clean them easily while they will be ready in one minute for the next use. When your cleaned cutting will be wet for a long time bacteria can grow here very soon. So they are a dependable option to keep your food hygienic.

These are made from superior quality materials to be withstood for everyday various needs. You can depend on them for years of satisfying performance. The manufacturer chose BPA-free recyclable pp material to keep you healthy and environmentally safe. Furthermore, this has a practical design with the perfect size to prove this handy in your kitchen tasks. You are always most important for the manufacturer for this they offer a lifetime warranty to keep your 

Little designed the 3 sets of cutting boards with a non-porous design which keeps it new-like condition even long-termed use food in your daily food prep such as cutting, chopping, carving meat, and garnishing various food. To make these tasks safer this has TPR covered edge as well as anti-slip 4 dots in each corner of the board to be stable on the countertop. With the grip and sturdy handle, it will be more secure in your hands.

Why we picked it

  • Durable and reliable
  • Match easily any kitchen decor
  • Featured with grip handle
  • Dries quickly

9. Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Boards

Extra Bamboo Cutting Boards

Key features

  • Made with four layers of thickened wood
  • Comes with a cutting board rack
  • Packed with robber silicon border
  • Required low maintenance 
  • Super thick

Do you notice the aesthetic look of the Kikcoin extra-large set of 3 bamboo cutting boards? Yeah, I know it is quite impossible to miss the artistic style even the first look. Though this set of the cutting board needs oil maintenance, if you do this correctly do not need to purchase another in 10-15 years. To make sure super durability, this has four layers of thickening and the unique splicing crafting which won’t crack like others. The specialty of the board comes with a highly skilled woodworker and precision finishing with the mineral oil of each cutting board.

With the rounded corner on the four sides, the board will be more practical for everyday use. This is also helpful to decrease scratches to offer you a new-like look than any kitchen accessories. When you want to ensure higher stability, you can install the rubber silicon bottom which comes with a separate package. To keep your kitchen clean and mess-free these are designed with build-in deep juice grooves to collect the juice at the time of food prep meat, fruit or vegetable won’t run off the board.

For your busy kitchen, you are always searching for multifunctional things. And this set has handy sizes which will be suitable for different kitchen cutting needs. These have a well-made hidden handle to carry them easily as serving trays with various delicious foods. To store the cutting board accurately in your kitchen, this comes with a wooden cutting board rack to allow you to use unusual space of your kitchen countertop.

Why we picked it

  • Build-in deep grooves
  • I will go a couple of years
  • A smooth surface dull your knife
  • Large and durable

10. Chopping Board Set for Kitchen Holder

Chopping Board Set

Key features

  • Cleaning is pretty easy with a dishwasher
  • Gentle on the knife-edge
  • FDA approved material made
  • Equipped with a space-saving rack
  • Great for a breakfast plate
  • Sturdy and durable

These boards are an ideal pick for those who want to keep their kitchen decor simple and modern. At the end of the best cutting board sets, we choose this from Kiwasa with 4 varied sizes of cutting boards. This has a unique marble design which will be a great attraction as a dining plate. With the convenient handle, it will be more secure in your hand with the grippe textured to prevent any slippery at the time of hurried.

For good health, you are obsessed with reliable materials to construct all the needed things in the kitchen. In the case of cutting boards, you will be in the same thinking and the manufacturer pick the idea and designed these 6 mm thick cutting boards with BPA-free premium quality materials which are more dependable than regular plastic choices. It has a hard surface which not let and scratch by a sharp knife even after a couple of years of regular kitchen prep.

And the double-sided use of a cutting board makes this durable to chop and cut. This is very easy to clean with a dishwasher. While this has food classification with the color of cutting boards, you need not think about cross-infection. This comes with a space-saving cutting board storage rack that keeps your kitchen organized without blocking lots of space to store them. The placement style on the rack helps to dry this faster, which won’t let grow bacteria in them.

Why we picked it

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Arrives with food classification design
  • Comparatively cheap in prize
  • Lightweight and space-efficient

Buying Guide of best cutting board sets

A variety of options will make any homeowner overwhelming in the way of best cutting board sets. Individual style, preference, and purpose. Some cutting board comes with a neutral look to impress anyone whether it is the kitchen or dining table. You should consider several factors to reach the right cutting board sets to meet your demands. Sometimes price makes difference when you do not want to compromise with quality and practical design. Let’s drive into the entire session to get a clear idea about the best cutting board sets.

Surface type

If you made good research you will find two types of them completely flat or groove around the edge which is specially designed for collecting meat, fruit, and vegetable extra juices which can make your countertop or tabletop dirty when you are cutting on these over a chopping board. Yet flat boards are great for cut vegetables, fruit, and dry ingredient(cheese, veggies, herbs) which won’t leave a lot of juice. 


To ensure the best performance of cutting boards, these are designed with convenient features which make them user-friendly, safe, and dependable for daily chores or heavy-duty. One of the most important designs is reversible which allows using both sides of the cutting board which will be really great to avoid cross-contamination even if you are in your busy kitchen. When you want to choose the wooden cutting board you will get various creative designs like a checkerboard or striped patterns which can be matching for your kitchen style. Some modern cutting has featured updated options to make you proud.

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There is a wide range of price points for cutting sets. Depending on your kitchen task and size, you can choose materials and types of cutting board. If you have a large kitchen bring a large size which has a higher price. On the contrary, well-constructed plastic made is a good choice with various sizes to meet your need. In this case, they are very affordable. Most of the sets have various sizes which are handy for different kitchen tasks. There are several factors- thickness, good grip on the handle, and border. Find the compatible one with a budget and your needs.


How and where do you want to store your cutting board? Size should come fast when you are thinking to buy a  cutting board set. Though in a set you will get different sizes, you should find out accurate sizes for your kitchen task and storage space. Another thing is the larger cutting board is heavy which can be very hard to carry kitchen to the dining place. Some plastic made their cutting board thick yet durable with lightweight which will be great for a larger batch of food making. From research, we can suggest you 15-21 inches as a practical design for every kitchen.


You will find lots of choices that are made from plastic, rubber, bamboo, and wood. While wood made are aesthetic and more durable than anything when you picked it with higher-end type. Yet they required good maintenance to work properly. On the contrary, plastic made is mostly dishwasher safe, and lightweight. They come with a simple design which can be a bit tough on the knife. Bamboo boards are good in this sense. Plus this has an attractive look like wood made, For great support and flexibility rubber cutting boards are choosable.

Finish and color

Wood-made cutting board set comes with various finish natural of different shades which will be a perfect match for your kitchen decor. Most interestingly plastic-made cutting boards have various colors with marble style and blending design. As customers can get the best option for their kitchen.

Frequently Asked Question about best cutting board sets

You must-have kitchen thing cutting board purchasing way can be easier when you have best cutting board sets but without knowing this given question’s answers you can’t ensure satisfying experience when you have purchased a new cutting board for your kitchen task. Read carefully the FAQs session, which will be able to learn you many things about the best cutting board sets.

What is the good of wooden cutting board sets?

Wooden cutting boards can be long-lasting as 5-10 years or more with the right maintenance. Furthermore, these are very gentle on the knife-edge while they are more soft and flat than plastic material. Finally, these are safe and aesthetically more amazing than other materials made cutting board sets for your daily kitchen task in any kitchen style.

How can I clean and oil my wooden cutting boards?

It could not be suggested to throw the wooden cutting board in the dishwasher where excessive heat can make it warp or crack. To avoid this, you should clean this with hot soapy water with your hands. After cleaning this, you should dry this completely. Otherwise, these bacteria can grow easily. If you want to oil you should steer this over the surface among olive oil, avocado, or other types of oils and rub this until the entire covered. You can do multiple coats up to the cutting board.

Which should I choose, plastic or wooden for safe food?

There is a lot of discussion on this matter but wooden is safer than any cheaply made plastic and rubber cutting board. Wood could absorb harmful bacteria, so you need to clean and dry this properly to offer hygienic food. While high-quality plastic-made cutting boards have no porous surface which won’t absorb any liquids and cleaning is also very easy with a dishwasher which won’t let cross-contamination or harmful bacteria born.

How should store your cutting board?

Among the most important consideration factor before buying a caution board or set of them, storing properly is one of them. To ensure safe and hygienic performance faster drying of the wet cutting board is very essential and in this case, you should store this on its side. Even this also saves lots of space which can block this by keeping it laying down. Some cutting board set comes with storing rack which can store them accurately. If your cutting board set has no rack you can purchase them separately which are available in the market with various materials, styles, and prizes.

Do our cutting board sets save more money than single pieces?

Of course, cutting board sets can save a good amount of money by purchasing 3/4 cutting boards separately in different sizes. In your kitchen you will need different sizes of cutting boards for various tasks like large size meat or vegetable to need extra large size cutting board, daily chore needs medium or large size cutting board for outdoor activities or dry ingredients like cheese and nuts requires small size. Most profitable each set of the cutting board have several choices with reasonable price and the same futures which in long run save your money and make your kitchen task more fun. 


Many cutting boards come with cheap materials yet fancy looking and these make it harder to find the best cutting board sets. But our buying guides have straightforward guidelines which won’t let you go in any wrong direction. Don’t worry we also added here a list of best cutting board sets which is a result of good research after reading several experienced review articles.

You have already known the advantage, specifications, price, set of pieces, material, and sizes of discussing products. For your closer look at them, we have broken down them separately and tried to elaborate as we can. Depending on your preference and kitchen,  we attached different styles and colors to make you happier with your purchase.

To make you more clear, all the products have great customer service while some of them have lifetime customer satisfaction. So you won’t be apart from them even long-termed use. Thanks for reading, hope this will help you effectively.

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