10 Best Travel French Press Coffee Maker Reviews in 2022

Travel French Press Coffee Maker


French press coffee making is more simple anywhere office, camping, or traveling with the best travel French press coffee maker. As a trusted source, these are very popular, very past to present. Nothing will be warming sitting up late near a campfire or waking up early to enjoy a fresh press coffee. While you are one of them who do not want to miss the taste of delicious coffee.

When you need instant coffee for different times of the day, morning or late evening on a trip or another outdoor activity, a travel French press coffee maker should be the best companion on the road to introduce your favorite brewing method conveniently and accurately. These are good with small capacity and an easy pressing system. Some are excellent within insulation design and leakproof lid. 

However, in the rest of the writing, you will read about the best travel French press coffee makers with a top pick list with their own specifications, a reliable buyer’s guide, and several FAQs to provide a direction on the path to finding the best of the best one to buy.

– Our Top Picks –

A review must have a well-researched recommendation for its reader. Of course, we are also a top pick for your consideration for the best travel French press coffee maker. While we look into their portability, ease of use, hassle-free cleaning, overall design, and budget-friendliness to make the review compressive and worthy. In this list, you will get stainless steel, glass, and glass-made choices which are not only a travel mug rather with filter and plunger being a dependable press coffee maker. Go through the picklist and grab a travel French press coffee maker.

1. Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker Large Capacity

Coffee Gator French Coffee Maker

Key features

  • Durable stainless steel 
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Spill-resistant lid 
  • Designed with double wall and vacuum
  • One hour of heat retention
  • Beautiful and modern design

Our first best travel French press coffee maker from Coffee Gator with premium quality 304 stainless steel double-walled insulation which is 33% thicker and 20% heavier than the available model on the market. It is the ultimate travel French press coffee maker to offer real taste coffee within double filtered and vacuums layered construction of the kit which also helps to keep the coffee warm longer up to 60 minutes. There are four beautiful colors, is available for this maker such as orange, silver, gray, and pink.

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The coffee maker is specially designed for you, while you do not want to compromise with accurately brewing of coffee. With the double filter design, this will lock the sediment yet ensure coffee oils into your coffee mug as you won’t feel any bitterness and get the maximum flavor profile from the coffee beans. From brewing to store, this unit makes you satisfied not only with their strong and sturdy forming but also for making better coffee anytime and anywhere. The cool-touch handle will ensure the safe operation and holding of the coffee maker. 

With the quick, easy, and durable design of the coffee makes won’t your disappointed to use this for a long time with the incredible coffee even on mountain tops or wilderness camping where you can’t imagine pressing coffee before having this. This has a 4.1 x 4.1 x 8.5-inch dimension which takes lots of space in your backpack. Being professional-grade made materials, you do not need to worry about rust or breaking of the mug even in rough uses. As a bonus gift, you will get a mini canister to store the grinding caffeine for next time use.

Why we picked it

  • No sediment in the bottom of the cup
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Rustproof and non-breakable
  • Preserve the original taste of coffee

2. Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker Travel Canister

Coffee Gator French Press Maker

Key features

  • Cool-touch handle
  • Keeps coffee hot for 60 mins
  • Quick, safe and easy operation
  • Makes 4 serving
  • Easy to clean, store and carry
  • Color choices available

Debris-free coffee is possible with Coffee Gator presented this portable  French press coffee maker while this has designed with a dual filter screen. So drinking a rich and smooth taste of coffee is pretty easy. For the ultimate safety to use this unit, this has a cool-touch handle that allows you to pour coffee without burning your hand. Portable size and light weight make it very easy to clean, maintain and carry securely at your home, office, trip or camping.

The excellent heat retention of the coffee maker will offer hot and rich coffee every time. With the stainless steel vacuum layered wall, this can keep your coffee warm for 60 mins which are quite impossible for glass or other cheaply made  French press coffee makers. To meet your everyday need, this  304  stainless steel ensure long-lasting performance which is BPA-free, non-corrosive, and rust-free. Among the four beautiful colors, you can choose per your preference.

It has enough capacity to hold 4 cups of coffee, which could plenty for your visitor or simply multiple treats for you. This could be dependable also for cold brew coffee, espresso, or other favorite drinks. Though it has a minimalistic design but stylish to match your kitchen or outdoor backpacks. It is compact and won’t take lots of space to store, even in your small cabinet. This solid  French press coffee maker won’t break even in dropping and rust in daily uses.

Why we picked it

  • Double-wall and insulated
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Excellent look and design
  • Shatterproof and rust-resistant

3. AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press

AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press

Key features

  • Comes with needed accessories
  • Attractive look and design
  • Makes different types of coffee
  • Well packaging
  • made from BPA free  materials
  • 350 micro paper filters included

AeroPress Go always made signature pieces of travel French press coffee maker to make convenient and attractive for individual choice. This could be turned into a small usual coffee mug through 1-3 cups per press after use or when you carry this anywhere. The mug has with lid it works like a travel case that you can carry for camping, boating, traveling, and other outdoor activity.

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This is designed with rapid and total immersion brewing capacity and 350 micro filters which are able to make smooth and delicious coffee every time without any sediment on the cup unlike the other slow brewing methods of press coffee maker. Use of the unit is very easy when this comes with all the accessories. Simple you need to remove all the accessories from the mug, place the cup and twist the cup, stand on the chamber, add fine coffee powder and 80 degrees C  1 cup hot water, shake and stir, insert plunger, and press adds more water and ready to serve.

For your favorite hot coffee or Espresso, it will take only 1 minute and cold brew need 2 minutes. Another attractive thing that can make this you’re most favorite is low maintenance and easy cleaning. In a few seconds, you can clean the small and beautiful coffee maker. This has a neutral color that easily matches any kitchen, office, or camping stuff with a pretty red lid. From constructing reliable materials, this won’t older even after a good number of times of use and wash.

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Why we picked it

  • The great worth of the price
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Small and compact

4. OXO BREW Venture Shatter-8 Cup


Key features

  • Designed with a comfy grip handle
  • A slotted spout ensures perfect pouring
  • Provide consistent delicious brew
  • Transparent window 
  • Easy to pack and use
  • Non-slip wider  knob for easy pressing

It is very hard to find someone who loves coffee but has not heard the name of OXO brew. And here is the Venture travel French press, which has 8 cups of capacity. For a standard family size serving at a party for two or more people, this could be dependable. It looks like the picture and classical French press will be another good-looking addition for your handy not only for the home kitchen but also in the workplace, traveling, and other’s outdoor activities. BPA-free construction won’t make unhealthy and distasteful coffee.

To make shatter-resistant, manufacturers choose Tritan clear as you can use and carry this conveniently. Featuring the plunger with a silicon gasket filter ensures an accurate brew for delicious coffee. Furthermore. a secondary filter on the spout offers another level of filtration to serve you smooth, rich, and bitter-free coffee even if you are traveling or wilderness camping, and you can’t even expect coffee. When you want to clean this simple throw this into the dishwasher which comes out ready for the next use.

Using this coffee maker more easy and safe with a comfortable handle, non-slip to ensure preciously pressing, and a slotted spout. These are will be very helpful to keep the operation of the unit without the sore of your hand and any mess. This travel-friendly coffee mug can brew your favorite coffee in a minute. With the easy view window, you can see the coffee level in the jar so you won’t make more than you need. This won’t keep your coffee warm, so you should end a single batch at once.

Why we picked it

  • Larger capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free materials made
  • Durable and shatter-resistant

5. Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

Wacaco Nanopresso Maker

Key features

  • Well build for extensive use
  • Takes only 2-3 mins for the perfect espresso
  • 80 ml water capacity
  • Needs only 18 bar pressure
  • Built-in espresso cup
  • Very portable, won’t take much space to store

The next review is the WACACO Nanopress portable Espresso maker as an upgraded version of the mini-press. This manually operated gadget is not an attractive yet efficient coffee maker for travel or camping and this quality makes it a little more expensive than others. This sturdy and durable can go a long time. After a long time of performance if it is damaged you can purchase all the accessories of this separately as you do not need to throw the entire coffee maker for any of the parts damaged.

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You will experience unique pump tools which won’t require heavy force to brew your coffee. Now you will enjoy delightful land fine coffee with 15% less effort. The innovative construction and design make this small and compact including all the accessories you will need to make perfect coffee with a dense aroma. Because of the stable pressure, the extraction of coffee is authentic like an expensive machine. Without using it, you can’t believe this works amazing even with a thus small size to make full-bodied coffee.

Ergonomic design and shorter length of this, easy to hold and carry. Yet, this can hold 80 ml of water to offer one person to drink. In the package, you will get Nanopresso, build an espresso cup, filter basket, brush, scoop, porch, and warranty card. To ensure safer at the time of operation it is lined and protected by the detachable cup and both part features a heatsink pattern to absorb the heat and protect your hand from hurting. With separated parts of the unit, cleaning is pretty easy.

Why we picked it

  • Ergonomic design
  • Intellectual pump  pattern
  • Smaller and lighter
  • Heat sink parts for heat absorbing

6. PRESSE by Bobble French Coffee Press

PRESSE French Coffee Press

Key features

  • 3 layers of insulation
  • Stay cool to touch
  • Unique micro filters incorporation
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Silicon lid with a rubber pad on the bottom

There are no best travel French press coffee makers with a reasonable price tag with keeps the coffee long time up to 3 hours. We are talking about Bobble Press which is designed with 3 layers of insulation and a silicone lid, which won’t let come out any heat of hot coffee. But the cool touch outer allows secure access even with hotter coffee. You have already checked the size dimension and picture this has a chic appearance and convenient size to go with you anywhere, actually you want to carry this for any setting.

Another impressive feature of this travel French press coffee maker is a built-in microfilter that won’t go any debris in your cup of coffee which can experience you disgusting taste of coffee with sediment in your teeth. For every sip of fresh and flavorful coffee, this is designed with a highly efficient brewing mechanism. The construction of the coffee mug won’t let you go down when this has high quality as well as food grated stainless steel as this can be must have time for years without culminating or did not make your coffee distasteful.

For single-serve, this coffee maker is designed. Though this could be a drawback for a large serving, it will help to reduce wastage of coffee when you are making a shot for only yourself. There are max fill lines inside the cup which make you conscious of the limitation of pouring water on the coffee mug. Nothing can be simple or easy to make coffee with this. While you need to brew, press, and drink your gorgeous coffer within 3 minutes. To offer a blissful cleaning process, the coffee maker is the dishwasher’s friend. So when cleaning is necessary, drop into the dishwashing machine to clean this effortlessly.

Why we picked it

  • No ground in the coffee mug
  • Stays hot and fresh for hours
  • Has max fill lines inside the cup
  • Reasonable price 
  • Available lots of color choice

7. Mueller French Press Double Insulated Steel Coffee Maker

Mueller French Coffee Maker

Key features

  • A wide range of uses
  • Baked with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Comes with a small canister
  • Double layered wall
  • Rustproof and non-breakable
  • Stainless steel screens

We are suggesting Muller If you want a multifunctional French press coffee maker, which also is portable to meet your different drinks such as cold brew, fruit infusions, plant or herb drink, hot coffee or chocolate, tea, almond milk, frothed milk, cashew milk, MCT oil coffee, and others without compromise their authentic flavors and taste. With their compact size, you can take this for work, travel, or camping as you can start your day with fresh drinks as you like.

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This has a professional-grade 310 stainless steel double-layered wall to keep your brew coffee warm to save your time to make them again and again when you are a damn coffee lover. This reliable construction also ensures drop-proof and rustproof to ensure their longevity in everyday use or carrying them in wilderness situations confidently. And the cool touch handle feels you safe while the unit is hot after crafting delicious coffee. To carry the coffee powder, this comes with a small canister which is more gorgeous with a transparent window.

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There are four layers of stainless steel filter which offer you zero ground-free cup of coffee. With the 34 oz large capacity you for two standard cups of coffee which is enough for your companion or special one to offer more quality time with rich and dense coffee. Access to this French press coffee maker is very easy when you have fresh coarse coffee beans. The plunger system makes it easy to press with the least effort and the whole process will take only 3-5 mins to be ready for the coffee to drink.

Why we picked it

  • 34 oz capacity
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Pressurized press
  • Good heat retention

8. ESPRO P0 Ultralight French Press

ESPRO P0 Ultralight French Press

Key features

  • Insulated double stainless steel walled
  • BPA free materials made
  • Preserve temperature longer 
  • Clever handle pattern
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Super lightweight 

Our last but not the least travel French press coffee maker chosen from ESPRO, which are recently got very popular for manufacturing this type of handy appliance for your daily like to make more enjoyable. Of course, there are several reasons beyond this. The ESPRO P0 ultralight French press coffee maker has double-walled and vacuum insulated construction to offer durability and longtime fresh and hot coffee serving guarantee. As you don’t repent to buy the product with a good number amount of money.

Thanks to the brewing mechanism of this French press coffee maker, which does not permit leaving a single slip of coffee on the cup.As the pressing did not stop the extraction completely to keep your coffee bitterness free like the first cup of coffee every time. Advanced microfiltration, prevents the possibility of grit or sludge mixing cups of coffee. The lid of this coffee maker has a convenient handle which will be helpful to hold this security. Among the six beautiful color choices, it won’t be very hard to find your favorite one.

When you are not ready to compromise healthy drink which can be culminating for the cup making materials, yet this has BPA, BPS, and Phthalate free material to use the cup years while this won’t break or damage through rust and falling on the ground. Though the cylinder style French press coffee maker is very compact, it can hold 16 ounces of coffee for two servings. Being lightweight and shorter in length is most important when you want to pick this as a companion for outdoor activities, travel, and more while this could be a must-have item.

Why we picked it

  • Produce coffee with original taste
  • Build to last
  • Efficient filtering mechanism
  • Compact and attractive design

9. Betterbrew Travel French Press Coffee Maker

Betterbrew Travel Coffee Maker

Key features

  • Perfect portable design 
  • Offer great flavor of coffee
  • Elegant  looking 
  • Dual-layered exterior
  • Completely leakproof
  • Travel-friendly lid mechanism

The Betterbrew travel French press coffee maker attracts you very first glance with its elegant-looking appearance which can attain a lot of great complement from the companion of camping or others when you take this for your road trip, office, camping, or outdoor activity. To make a good companion for a coffee lover anywhere, this has a travel-friendly lid mechanism that ensures spill-free drinking when this has a convenient well-made spout design.

Tight silicon seals offer zero leakage to mess-free carry of the coffee maker. This is designed with all those parts of a coffee maker which can only make coffee shop flavored coffee instantly brewing to filtering like a professional coffee maker. Along with the classy Borosilicate glass made double-walled to allow great heat insulation quality to keep your brew warmer for a long time serve not wasting time to make another time. Though it has a compact size provides a 15 oz bottle capacity to make more coffee at once.

Some of you can believe that instantly made coffee cannot be proper. For easy access to the cup without any sore in your hand, this Borosilicate glass also plays a great role in heat resistance. It also featured a cool-touch exterior to feel secure with this more than any other feature. Easily transportable design, easily fit your backpack. This coffee mug is designed with a large plunger to stir through when you press this. Perfect coffee making is much easier within four minutes. 

Why we picked it

  • Excellent heat-resistant and insulation
  • Longevity of use
  • Designed with the extra-long plunger
  • Good price for the quality 

10. bobble French Coffee Presse For Travel-Peacock

bobble French Coffee Presse

Key features

  • Fits any standard  car cup holder in a small space
  • Takes a very short time to make perfect coffee
  • Keeps liquids hot for a long time
  • Multi uses French press coffee maker
  • Leakproof silicon lid
  • Had no coffee ground on the cup

At the end of the best travel French press coffee maker review, the Bobble French press coffee maker for travel is a great recommendation when you are searching for a budget-friendly option without compromising the perfect brewing and rightly preserving the authentic taste of the coffee. This mug is made with eco-friendly reusable stainless components, which is a sustainable solution that won’t make any plastic waste.

However, a single-serve coffee with 14 oz cannot prove a waste of money in anyways.No matter you will love to take coffee in the morning, mid-day, or late afternoon this provides you always fresh coffee in the office, camping, or anywhere when you do not want to miss French press coffee. So you can consider this great investment to enjoy the well-balanced coffee throughout the day.

The intellectual design of the Bobble French press coffee maker offers easy assembling, disassembling, and cleaning. While the entire unit is dishwasher safe, which will take only a few seconds to clean this. The practical design with compact size makes it handy for travel. This can be a great appliance for loose tea, tea bag, and different types of coffee-making solutions. You can store this easily camping backpack, suitcase, or any standard car cup holder to carry easily.

Why we picked it

  • Double-walled stainless steel cup
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Very affordable 
  • Brewing will take only 3 mins 

Buying Guide of  best travel French press coffee maker

If you want to know what makes the best travel French press coffee maker, you can’t skip our buying guide. After reading a good number of articles, we were finally able to make this straightforward guide. Hopefully this not let down you with your purchase whether from our shortened list or those available on the market. When you are expecting good quality portable French press coffee maker, you should look at some features that get you here in detail. You should have to check out.


For travel, the French press coffee maker must be a compact and handy size that can you carry anywhere conveniently. In your traveling bag, even 1 inch matters a lot. So, you can go in any wrong direction when you are traveling around in a car and RV. Consider the cup holder size and your  French press coffee maker size when you are buying this.

With the size, capacity comes together. Mostly, this comes with 8-36 ounces. Some of them can be larger than this. While the coffee cup considers 4-6 ounces, you should assume what measurement of travel the French press coffee maker actually needs. Largely single or double serve is great for travel cups. If your travel, French press coffee maker java heat retention, you can buy a larger option for single person use.

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Be sure about the French press coffee maker’s strong materials. In this case, stainless steel gets first priority. Whatever materials you have chosen, you should find double-walled to keep warm your coffee/tea longer. Stainless steel constructed are designed with rust and shatter resistance to make them convenient for wilderness situations and daily tasks.


If you want to enjoy a full-bodied and tasty coffee shop-like coffee, you should know details about the filtration mechanism. Some of them have a 3/4 layered stainless steel filter mechanism to prevent remaining coffee grounds on the surface of the cup of coffee. Paper filters are available, but those can not be right for lots of coffee-making time. So be careful to find a  travel French press coffee maker with a fine filtering system that will be efficient to its task and won’t make the coffee distasteful anyways.

Extra features

You should not avoid small things which can make difference in using the travel French press coffee maker. For example, a well-made convenient handle, a cool touch body, a spout in the lid, an ergonomic bottle design, and grip bottom of the  French press coffee maker. Like, check out the silicon types of the lid, which are great for preserving heat and leakproof. You could not depend on only any type of lid which can’t make you ensure without spilling in your backpack.


Your French press mug should incorporate insulation or heat retention mechanism, these are blessing for the camper, traveler, and office workers like executives. There should have a double-wall construction to ensure that your coffee stays hot longer. If you really want these features, you should check this before paying. When we are talking about travel French press coffee makers, people love to have this feature detail to drink hot coffee giving after a long time.

Ease of cleaning

When a travel French press coffee maker required routine cleaning after every use, to be prepared for the next use choose one with easy removal parts that will be helpful to clean easily. If you can be bored cleaning your best travel French press coffee maker after every batch with hands, grab the one which is dishwasher safe. While this unit is not time-consuming at all.


Being a handy item, you should be careful to purchase any travel French press coffee makers when numerous models of these items are available on the market cheaply made with higher price tags. Breaking that item won’t be very difficult. So don’t forget to check the warranty card of the product as you will be aware of their warranty time duration. Read the brand instruction to the usage direction of those to make long-lasting.


Of course, the price can be an issue when you are buying the best travel French press or coffee, maker. Depending on the size, convenient features, and brand’s tag price can be different. We put together 10 items from various brands with various colors and sizes. You can choose one per your budget. Aesthetic appealing also makes them a little pricey. So it is you who can choose one per your preference and budget.

Frequently Asked Question of  best travel French press coffee maker

Here, we included some FAQs about the best travel French press coffee maker to make you enough learn to buy them. As your investment cannot go in vain when it comes to ensuring longevity, excellent performance, and easy operation. Some questions are asked several times by the traveler and camper or general who love to take coffee outdoor without killing the valuable storage on your suitcase or backpack and compromising the taste of rich and flavorful coffee.

What grind size i should use in a manual travel French press coffee maker?

As we all know best French press coffee is made from fresh coarse coffee beans. French press coffee will be bitter when you will want to make it from too fine grounds for over exacting. On the contrary, small grinds can slip through the filter and make the cup of coffee distasteful with sediment. To ensure delicious coffee, coarsely grounding beans are the perfect size that can offer you a rich and sediment cup of coffee.

Why French press coffee is more delicious?

If you are one of those who think French press coffee is the best coffee then drip one. Then of course you should the reason for being this. These makers are designed with unique filters which won’t exact authentic flavors and oil completely from your coffee except the grounds. Another reason is the right temperature which won’t make this brewing faster in the middle cycle to ruin the taste of coffee, rather with a French press coffee maker from water heat up to taste stage cool down have the same temperature to make the coffee perfectly brewed.

How does a portable French press coffee maker work?

French press coffee maker gets more appreciation for their simple operation design. These come with a wider plunger which you need to pump to make your French press coffee. Most French press coffee maker comes with all the accessories within them. You need to separate them like spoons, filters, plungers,s, and more. Assembling and disassembling won’t take more than a few seconds. All of these small units come with manual instruction which will learn you in detail from using to cleaning. Various French press coffee maker takes only   2-5 minutes with ranges of pressing.

Can the French press coffee maker be efficient to make other drinks?

Of course, French press coffee makers can make other drinks efficiently such as cold brew, tea, cashew milk, plant or herb drinks, fruit-infused, mic coffee, frothed milk, and so on. Though these are primarily designed for  French press coffee, over-listed drinks are also made perfectly with a French press coffee maker. Even cold brews from a French press coffee maker are accurately made in only a few minutes.

How can you maintain your portable or travel French press coffee maker?

Some of your maintenance is many difficulties than the use of a travel French press coffee maker. But if you have been choosing the right one with removal parts, the process will be very automatically simple for anyone. French press coffee maker needs perfect cleaning after every use, making them long-lasting and durable. If your one is dishwasher friendly, cleaning will be blissful. If it is not, disassemble the whole plunger systemic and rinse individually. Clean the coffee maker with a soapy spine and place the parts after drying them with a towel.


A good cup of coffee always keep you fresh and the best travel French press coffee maker is popular picked to make instant perfect coffee with the French press method. We hope getting the best travel French press coffee maker is much easier with this writing, which will be really helpful for any coffee lover who were overwhelmed to reach the right one.

These portable French press coffee makers are very affordable and efficient, which are listed here. Most of them have the capacity to keep warm liquids long time. Especially when you do not want to waste coffee or time, these features will help you definitely.

Even though the unique aesthetic look of these French press coffee makers will be a great complement source in your journey. So, make a good choice with us about what actually you want!

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